Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Add Personality to A Family Rm & Dining Rm

This seven foot gallery of frames will capture lots of colorful memories in my client Kims' family room (including her little girls' sweet smile as shown).  These frames and the throw pillows are just a few of the added decor details to make Kim's home feel fun, unique and personal.  I dedicate this blog entry to creating spaces that express your personality and shout 'Ahhhh....I'm home and loving it here!' 

Kim is a very hip and fun working mother and wife in Lansdale PA.  She is so busy that it is hard for her to find time to shop for decor items that express her personality.  After discussing what made her unhappy with the current look of her family room and dining room I set to work to find furnishings that would make her shout 'Ahhhh....I'm home and loving it here!'


I found some great buys and colorful decor pieces including this very cool art display frame (see above).  This frame allows you to easily change out your kids artwork and has a pocket to hold more art.  It, along with all the other frames, were purchased from Target (click here to see how this design came to be).  Combining black and white frame finishes create drama on such a large wall space, and the touch of yellow give interest and make it unique.
After hanging the frames we concentrated on bringing in light, color and warmth to the rest of the family room.  We were working around a large brick wall to wall fireplace, that felt dark. 

The new furnishings give this room a comfy, cozy feel, and all the small sentimental details placed around the space, warm the heart and shine.  The brick wall is no longer taking over the space;  And now there is lots of storage for the kids toys and dvds.  Also, see the blue grey color framing the photo?  That is the color the walls will be painted in a few weeks, giving the room a relaxed state of mind.

I found this 42" mirror for a great price.  I loved the detail in the frame but it was grey.  No problem - a quick makeover using celery green spray paint changes the look completely.


Dining rooms are allowed to be over the top and more dramatic than a soap opera.  This is the place to 'go big or go home'.  Kims' dining space needed a focal point, some sparkle, and punches of color.  A bit of architectural impact was also needed because she did not want any fabric on the windows.  

Be creative with your decor; this is not the room to be shy in.  I add lots of different lighting in dining rooms from candles to overhead and accent electric lights so you can really turn up or down the volume.  The crown and chair moldings you see will be added soon (I drew the ones in the photo to visualize the finished look).


This room is now dramatically set for Susan Lucci to step in and give one of her sneaky temptress performances.

Hello Jess-Welcome to the LYR Design Team!

Say hello to Jessthe newest member of the LYR design team! She fits right in with her high level of professionalism, artistic background, bundle of energy and interesting design point of view.  Jess not only loves interior design, but she also loves to cook!  I was very impressed with all the fancy named ingredients she has worked with in the many recipes she has cooked (my stomach was growling during our interview).  

My hope is that Jess adds a unique positive vibe to LYR and of course, that she cooks a meal for us!  I look forward to blogging about projects we work on together.  You know there is always something crazy that goes on, so there is sure to be lots of future laughs.

Welcome Aboard Jess!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Falling For Red, Lamps & New Possibilities

Hello again Creative Comrades!  I have been all about red accents lately.  Bright shiny orange and blue reds.  If you are looking for an accent color that increases desire (restaurants are big fans of using reds) and never fails at creating drama, even if it is in just a throw pillow, this is a good choice.  I created the mood board above using the black and white rug to ground the space and the red to give it life.  Red is the classic color of love and could be used with a soothing blue or green color palette in a bedroom.

Wow I just looked at the clock and can't believe it is 1:40 am!  My meeting tomorrow morning with my client Kim has been rescheduled so I am up late catching up on the addictive Bravo Housewives of whatever....they're all funny.  I am cleaning up and backing up my computer because (don't tell my husband) my hard drive is almost full.  What a boring process!!  My mind is wandering.  I keep thinking about the two black silver silk lamps I purchased for Kim; there is a chance that I may keep them now that I get to look at them a little bit longer (I am not kidding Kim).

Although I am broken hearted after falling for two lamps that I have to let go of, I am excited for the new growth spirts happening at LYR (LoveYourRoom):

1. I am happy to announce the newest member of the LYR team- Jess!!  More on her soon!!!; and

2. We are putting out a new virtual design service as part of our a la carte offerings.  This is thrilling.  Designing spaces for people without ever stepping into their home is becoming a popular affordable answer for those in need of design/decor help; I will be adding it to my website soon. I love this because I can create a completely new room design concept like the mood board above, or focus on a specific need like just color palette, accent furnishings, or other design dilemna -like finding that perfect sparkle that takes a room from chalkboard ho-hum to uptown chic-for anyone, anywhere-more fun and I get to meet more people (virtually); and

3. The upcoming TV segment. I am having fun gathering creative design ideas to add to kid spaces that I will share with viewers on ch 69 News At Sunrise Sept. 14 at 8:40 am.  Spaces that kids hang out in need to be full of wonder and imagination so little boys and girls can create and thrive.

OK, remember don't tell my husband Paul about my computer dilemna because he will roll his eyes, but please do tell him over and over again about how I snaked three drains tonight, filled up all the soap dispensers (now my home is civilized again) and made a spaghetti and turkey meatball dish that rocked (secret was using fresh rosemary from my garden and Drews Thai Sesame Lime dressing).  Call me Martha!