Friday, October 16, 2009

A Home Office Inspired By A Pizza Box

A few weeks back my friend Tracy came over with pizza. The most gigantic box of pizza I had ever seen! I had no idea anyone could consume so much pizza, but we all did! And the jokes that ensued became childish. At the end of the day I was left with the box, and a crazy idea.

I thought the box would make the perfect stencil. So I used the box to create a wall treatment in my home office. What do you think?

Here is how I did it:

With the help of a ruler, level, and scissors, I cut out a 29” circle.  Using a graph paper, I plotted out where the circles would go.  Based on my graph the circle size allowed for for circles horizontally and three rows vertically.  After splitting the wall in five equal parts using painters tape, I traced the box onto the wall with a pencil, starting in the center.

I painted the outer and inner pencil lines using a small paint brush with a fine tip first. Then used a larger brush and it took two coats. Paint I used for the circles is Sherwin William’s Reflecting Pool. The walls are Sherwin Williams Egret White.

After two nights, and some frightening expressions from P, my hubby, I finished. 

The large scale makes my walls look very tall. And, no, it does not smell like pizza!

For complete detailed instructions CLICK HERE. Houzz, a design and decor loving website, featured it on their homepage.
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