Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Great Online Resources To Help Decorate Your Home

Home redecorating can be stressful when you lack direction or inspiration.  I am always asked where I go for help to get moving on a home improvement project.   Below are my 'go to' home improvement resources.  You have probably heard of all or most already, but if not, read a little more about how you can use them to your advantage!

Beware:  These online sites are VERY addicting!

These 3 Online Sites Allow Their Users To Interact:

Olioboard is an online, interior design, mood board creator, where users can create 2D and 3D room designs using real products from all their favorite brands.  You just drag and drop real products onto a digital canvas you create!  You can even load your own photos onto the boards.  It is just so much fun!  You can view other users mood boards and get inspired. 

Olioboard has become a community who chat, compete in design challenges, and have fun experimenting with interior design.

For you Pinterest newbies out there, this is a great place to search for creative ideas on subjects ranging from home improvement, cooking, travel and more!  Then save those ideas by ‘pinning’ them to boards you create.  Many photos online, not on Pinterest, allow you to save them to your boards as well!  You can write a description as you ‘pin’ to help you remember why you liked it.  You can also follow other people to see what they ‘pin’!

Houzz is the fastest growing online resource for home improvement ideas.  A place to browse and save beautiful home photos. A place to find the right design and construction professionals. A place to connect with others who have been there too. Houzz has become a community of more than 35 million homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals—across the country and around the world.  Similar to Pinterest, you save photos to idea books, and you can also follow other Houzz users to what they add.  Houzz also has a ton of advice from design professionals and Q&A from other ‘Houzzers’ (people like you). 

More Online Sites Worth Checking Out:

I love their ‘Design and Decorate’ Section of HGTV.  Its chock full of great ideas, trending design and décor, photos you can save and videos from HGTV shows and quick tips from the popular hosts!  There is a ton of DIY, Before and After, and so much more.  

No, Apartment Therapy is not just for people living in an apartment.  It has great budget friendly ideas, animal and kid decorating advice, creative solutions dealing with small spaces, and so much more!  Apartment Therapy has many detailed topics that are fun and inspirational: everything from tours of apartments to get inspiration, to DIY projects, Before and Afters, and decorating ideas.  You can even search by color and a bunch of photos of rooms and more come up using that color.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Toddler Bedroom Ideas That Easily Transform To Teenage Rooms

Summer is a good time to re-decorate childrens bedrooms.   Schedules are not as hectic as they are during the school year and some kids are at away camp, allowing parents to even surprise their cuties with a hot new room when they come home.  When looking to re-design your child's bedroom keep these 3 factors in mind:

Think about         1. Space         2. Look         3. Function.

Choose your kids bed carefully to get you the best space planning possible (see BEDS THAT GROW WITH YOUR KIDS).  Create a look that works with your child as he/she grows (see FOCAL WALL POWER below).  And lastly make the bedroom as functional as possible by investing in the right furniture (see FURNITURE THAT IS THE RIGHT INVESTMENT below).


Daybeds are excellent bed options for toddler rooms because they allow more space in the center of the bedroom to play.  These beds become relaxed sofa seating for friends when the child gets older.  Add a trundle to allow friends to sleep over!

Another flexible option is to buy a twin or full sized bed on a simple metal frame.  No big decorative head and foot board with it.  Without the bulky frame around it you can easily move it around their bedroom from front and center as toddlers, to pushed up against a wall lengthwise to be more of a bohemian hang out spot, or allow more casual seating in a tight space.  

Here are some examples below:

*With a little DIY you can re-use lighting and furniture by gently sanding the piece with fine grade sand paper, wipe it clean, then spray paint it in a well ventilated area.  


Applying a theme to your kids bedrooms can be so fun but as your children get older they may grow out of it and request changing it up.  If you choose to go crazy and bold on just one focal wall, and keep the other walls a soft neutral color, it will not be as laborious and expensive to make changes.  

Below are great examples:


Invest in furniture that will grow with your child.  I would avoid buying an expensive matching furniture set when your child is really young.  I have worked on my share of children bedrooms and have heard over and over again from parents 'Do you know anyone who wants this childrens furniture set?  We spent a lot of money on it but doesn't work any more.'  If you want a car bed for your son who loves automobiles, look to local second hand shops, or online sources like Craigslist or Ebay.  

The piece of furniture I would invest in is a bookcase or two!  It grows with your children.  As kids accumulate more home made objects, awards, and books, its a wonderful space saver for all that stuff!  

A great way to use your bookcase if your bedroom is small, is to place it next to your kids bed.  Narrow bookcases like the ones shown below look great with wall sconces screwed into sides.  

*notice how the daybed, as well as the bed with no decorative frame, shown above, work so well flanked by the bookcases!

Buy your furniture as your child grows and needs it.  Don't be afraid of mixing up finishes with the pieces you choose.  An eclectic blend of furnishings will keep your childs room special.

Keep the above ideas in mind and have a ball with bedding, pillows, decor and artwork!  Wall decals are great choices (writing, characters, and even wall scenes).  They can be found everywhere these days, are affordable, and easily removable.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Outdoor Patio Color Combos That Rock For 2015

Here are some fabulous color combinations for outdoor decorating summer 2015

Coral and shades of gray.  The colors look vintage and make me smile.  From pale blue gray pillows to a slate gray chevron rug, the room pulls you in without being overwhelming.  

Sea green.  Floral patterns are hot again, and the cushions look so comfy in the light sea green color.  It works wonderfully with the light tones of the wood and the rattan cubes.  The white garden stools peeking through go perfectly.  SO SERENE!!!

Red!  Its classic and bold.  This designer uses the red color to tie together furniture that uses mixed finishes.  The red lanterns are great finishing touches.  At night they must glow gorgeously!

Purple.  Light wood is on a rise in decorating.  Its soft so what better color to pair with it than purple!  A soft lavender shade works well.  

Navy blue with LOTS of pattern and color.  Mixing patterns and colors can look really great when planning is involved!  When mixing patterns remember to use small repeated pattern with large pattern, instead of large pattern with larg pattern.  That can work against you causing a fight for attention.  In the photo above the tight lattice patterned cushions allow the colorful lage patterned pillows to shine.  

Navy blue and lime green.  Deep blues are really happenin' right now so I had to show anotehr photo using this color.  When used with a very saturated color like lime it looks so yummy!

Black and white!  It can be easy and fun to do stripes when working with this color combo.  

More black and white.  Here's another example of black and white combination; very tailored look!

Shades of white.  Layger of whites and creams turn a porch into a soft cloud!

Gray and volumizing color pops.  Gray cushions with bold hues of yellows, greens and blues bring a mix of todays hottest neutral with a few vibrant accent pieces.

Turquoise and teals are also so hot!  I am hooked on them.  I did a quick ONE DAY porch makeover at my own home this past weekend.  It's kid approved!

CLICK HERE to see how I used turquoise in a one day porch makover (I list where I bought the products).

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tomorrow on TV Shosh Talks Outdoor Decorating Color Combos That Are Hot

Get your sunglasses out!  Yes its that time of year to be outside.  Whether its to relax with a drink, play around, or grill up something tasty, you might be in the mood for decorating your outdoor space.  

Tomorrow morning at 8:50 am watch Shosh on WFMZ TV 69 News At Sunrise talk about Color Combinations For Decorating Outdoors!  We have combed Pinterest, Houzz and other blogs for ideas!  After the show we will share photos and ideas on this blog!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

How I Added Color To My Back Patio In A Day

 This morning my back porch looked like this.............


After a quick trip to some local stores, 
my back porch looks like this.......

My lil' assistant and I had so much fun adding some turquoise color to our backyard.  We think its so lovely and the total cost to do it was inexpensive!

Above is the list of products we used.  

I am working on a blog post that will be full of more wonderful color combinations for outdoor decorating summer 2015...come back soon!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Instant Bathroom Makeover

I was recently called to a clients home to update her main bathroom.  This was a fun project!  Here is a list of the changes we made:
  1. Replaced Flooring
  2. Replaced Countertop
  3. New rectangular under mounted sinks
  4. Replaced Faucets
  5. Replaced Cabinet Pulls
  6. New Pendant Lighting
  7. New towel rings and hooks
  8. Painted The Cabinets
  9. Walls/Ceiling Painted
  10. New Window Shade

When updating a bathroom, a sophisticated, simple and clean look will stay current and stylish for years to come.   

Key things to think about: Make sure you have good lighting, and for easy to clean functionality stick with undermounted sinks.

Wall paint: Benjamin Moore HC-171
Cabinet paint: Benjamin Moore AC-29

Tile Flooring: Cedir Country Wood (color - Sabia) 

We replaced the two recessed lights with ceiling pendants.  I made sure the new pendants ceiling plate measured larger than the homeowners bathroom current resessed lights so it would be an easy install; I also chose a pendant with an adjustable cord so I could hang them as high as I wanted.  Lights Off........

Lights On!

A nice fat apothecary jar and soap dispensers adorn the countertop.

A unique pair of button artwork for above the toilet finishes the room off.  DONE!