Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Turn Your Backyard Into A Permanent Outdoor Living Space Oasis

 The backyard, whether its large or small, can be a fun place to hang out during the summer months.  Its a great space to personalize and reinvent each year!

If you invest in the right essentials for your backyard it will be money well spent and years of joy during those summer months.  Here are items I would include: 

Invest in a few quality furniture pieces that you enough seating for those impromptu get-togethers with neighbors and friends.  You want comfortable sofas and chairs.  I would treat your space like  a living room or family room and use the area footage appropriately.  If you have a large space try a sectional!  Its all about the cushions.  You want to feel relaxed so you need soft upholstery.  Thanks to new outdoor fabric options made from acrylic fibers that are fade resistant and waterproof, there are a ton of choices!  You can change out pillows and reupholster cushions as often as like!

*TIP: buy an outdoor storage bin to hold your cushions so you do not need to find space in your home for them.

Gather pots and planters of different looks and heights (throw in a few colorful ones with weathered terra cotta for a unique look), and fill them with different plants and flowers.  Do this in hard square corners, entry ways and along back walls.  This will soften the area and create a sensual garden feel.  I love how the designer used plants to soften the harsh look of the outdoor kitchen in the photo above.

Evenings are great times to enjoy your backyard.  Through mood lighting you can create a soft glow that is relaxing.  I'm talking about adding outdoor lanterns, candles, string lights and of course, a fire pit!

Try buying a bulk of lanterns in different sizes and placing them along pathways, on table tops, and within your seating area.  The soft light will be calming and beautiful!   Pier 1 has LED candles that are not only made for outdoors but has a remote that can control all of them!  

Fire pits are fun to have, romantic to look at, and can give off a little heat.  I like the idea of a self contained fire pit that has a lip around it to set food on.  Its a fire pit and coffee table in one!  Frontgate offers some nice options.  

Water features produce a sense of relaxation like being on vacation.  The sound is soothing.  You can choose from hundreds of options!  They can be large focal points or portable self contained fountains that are plugged into an outlet.

Best of luck with your backyard project.  I had fun putting this post together! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Home Office Gets Bright Makeover

My client, who works from home full time in Allentown Pennsylvania, asked us to give her an office space that functions well for a hard working accountant, AND would also be a retreat for her during off work hours.   


Our Solution: Split the room down the middle; half office and half lounge area.  

We tied the spaces together through color (her obsession with teal and pink). A soft gray on the walls allows the pops of color to shine without being overwhelming.  

We refaced the fireplace and added a built in bookcase to house her love of books.  We hung the television on the wall.  Then outfitted the lounge area with soft and bright furnishings for a happy look!


For the office area we included a very capable L shaped desk that keeps my client organized.  It hides the miscellaneous but necessary office needs. Poppin was our 'go-to' place for the bold pink and teal bins and magazine/folder holders. 

We also gave her a creative way to display her kids artwork and medals from her triathlon competitions using chicken wire frames and clothes pins.  They allow her to add and remove items on a whim!

                         MORE PHOTOS

New wall sconces, comfortable furniture, and lots of fun accents bring juicy color in, even on the dreariest of days.  What a bright lovely office with lots of storage!


We used drapes purchased from a store but they ended up a little too short.  To fix that we added length!  Heres How To Fix a Short Drape.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Shosh Talks About Creating a Backyard Oasis This Wednesday on TV

Its that time of year that the weather warms up and our local stores fill up with outdoor furnishings for your home! This Wednesday (4/20) at 8:50am on WFMZ 69 News At Sunrise I will share with viewers how to create an outdoor oasis out of their backyard regardless of its size!  Its those key essential pieces to look for!  

After the show airs I will have all my tips and photos on this blog.  I hope you can watch!

Decadently yours,

Monday, April 11, 2016

LYR Project Gets The Cover Of Indulge Magazine

EXCITING NEWS! Indulge Magazine has featured an LYR interior design project on the cover of their April/May issue!  And inside as well!  Check it out along with all the hot home decorating trends for 2016 featured in the magazine.  Thank you Linda Doell (awesome Editor)!

After a long day out in the rain this was a wonderful surprise!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Shosh Talks Foyer Closet Ideas On TV

If you missed my television segment on 'Ways to transform a useless foyer closet', CLICK HERE to see the segment that was on WFMZ 69 News At Sunrise.  You can also see the photos I used for this show HERE.  


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Repurpose A Hall Closet To Something Fun & Functional

I have been obsessed with looking at what creative homeowners have done with their hall closets to create more functional or FUN spaces!  Whether a small or large closet, here are a few I love...

Comfy Organized Look By Adding A Bench And Hooks 

Even a small closet can turn into a smart sweet place to organize the little details as we run in and out of the house.  Thanks iheartorganizing !

Cozy and lovely!  Thanks dreamingintheolivegrove !

Great storage, and comfy looking!  Thanks thehouseofsmiths !

Just completed this for a client!  Check out the steps HERE!

Turn Your Closet Into A Reading Nook

LOVE! Thanks studiograyhouse !

Even a small closet can get adorable.  Thanks thriftydecorchick !

Closet To Office... Function + Beauty

This wide closet gets a lot of function and looks chic! Thanks !

A simple shelf and one good looking desk turn this closet into a space to be seen and used!  Thanks susieharrisblog !

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hall Closet Makeover

 Just a few weeks ago I helped a client turn an unorganized unused hall closet into a family friendly mud room.   Thought I would share where we are with it :)


Demo the space!
We cleaned the closet out.

The contractor took careful measurements.
Starting from the bottom up, he knocked this closet remodel out of the park!

Client now has a long bench to put the shoes on, and storage underneath to store them all!  

Its a deep closet so we took advantage of the depth and created basically bookcases on either side, with each shelf measuring 10" deep by 10" wide by 12" high.  My client should never run out of space for gloves, sunglasses, keys, and a hundred other miscellaneous items!

Hooks purchased in two sizes allows for a high row of hooks to hold heavy coats, and a lower level of hooks to hold things like purses, the dogs leash and kids coats.

The hooks were attached to wood and NOT directly to the wall to secure them better.

We are creating a bench cushion now and since this photo was taken, have added a dozen bins that fit very well on the shelves!

Both sides of the closet!

Here is the wall opposite the closet.  It is now a much more fun place to walk in to and get organized.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2016 Decorating Trends For The Home


Use Pink In A Grown Up Way That Says WOW

One of the two Pantone Colors of Year is Rose Quartz.  One might look at this color and think how do I use it in a space other than a nursery?  Well its easy and you can actually get a pretty great outcome when pulled in with a deep color like a hot hue we can't seem to get enough of - navy blue!

*Refer to my post Pantone Announces Two Colors Of The Year to get the skinny on the other chosen color, why two colors were chosen, and what they represent.
I like this very soft shade of pink that has a hint of coral to it.  The color is called Pink Fairy by Benjamin Moore (2006-70).  

I would then add lovely shades of navy blue through upholstered furniture, window treatments, and decor.

I cannot stop thinking about this Robert Allen Fenway Garden in Navy Blazer fabric!  It has the navy blue and pink color combinations we are seeing and loving!  And the bright green pulls the floral motif so the design pops with joy.  

I want to use it on drapes and pillows!  I may even frame it and hang it on a has a large repeat.

Get a luxurious look by adding to your room this West Elm Rochester sofa in velvet blue, ink upholstery.

Finally use texture on your sofa by adding these Target pink Threshold Faux Mongolia pillow.

Metallics Are Everywhere

Wallpaper with a sheen....

If its the year of the gold may I suggest this beautiful York Waverly Centro wallpaper.  I recently had it installed in my own bedroom!

Metallics are in all decor including pillows.  Just look at your local home decor store!
Its metallic and has scallop shapes on it.  So fun! Its the Natural Leather Hide pillow.

Bling out your office in gold with these rich looking fun finds!  These are from Target and this store has much more

Natural Stones Make BIG Impact

Lots of decor can get in on this trend.  
This Swirled Geode Knob from Anthropologie is rockin'!  It fits right in with the natural pulled right from the earth trend for 2016.
Each knob measures between 2.25" to 4" so they will turn simple looking furniture into a piece worth talking about!

Textures of Natural Finishes Feels Cozy On Pillows

Vintage Lighting Is Charming

For the last few years vintage inspired lighting has been the trend.  More options are available ranging in finishes, sizes and looks.  Seeded glass is also popular and used with the Edison bulb for an old time feel.  Many restaurants are big on this look, along with wood on the walls, and industrial elements.  This Kichler Braelyn chandelier is a very hip light.  I've used it for projects and love the look.  

Botanical Inspirations 

Home decor is headed back to nature.  We are seeing more off white colors, walnut, golds and copper finishes.  Designers are infusing botanicals into spaces of the home.  We can see it in pillows, decor, and artwork.  

This Crate&Barrel Tressa Pillow has so many beautiful colors in it!

These artworks are fun and can be purchased in different sizes and frame finishes.

Pottery Barn Summer Meadow Framed Print By Cindy Taylor