Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Add 2015 Spring Colors To Your Home

Pantone has pretty 2015 hues but I have my favorites!  Check them out:

I love using the colors above against a soft beige or grey (or the ever trending 'greige') background.  Try adding one, or a combination of these colors, as accents in a room with soft wall color.

I am tired of seeing all this white snow outside.  I'm itching for spring when we clean out, renew and revive our homes.   Are you going crazy for the briliant colors of spring?  To scratch my itch, over the weekend I started to work on my family room, to infuse the color teal.  Check the progress (also see snow out the window):

My family room

My family room

I moved into this new house last June and now that the demolition part is over, we are able to put some much needed touches in!  I went for light painted walls and bold accents like using this Benjamin Moore CSP-705 color in the bookcase, and adding lots of teal accents.  It is really inviting and fresh to me.  

Besides teal, spring decorating is looking delicious in hot shades of lime, tangerine and rosy warm reds.

Below is Pantones list of 2015 Spring Colors

Some are bright and some are reminiscent of 1980s pastels.

Fun ways to bring Spring 2015 Colors into YOUR home:

Bring Color In With The Power of THREE

Start with a fresh light beige or gray on the walls (try Sher Williams Reliable White or Ben Moore's Shoreline). Next bring on the color in THREES!  If you didn't get in your color in at least three areas then you did not take it far enough.

Can you spot The Three in these inspirational rooms?
Margaret Donaldson

Well balanced bedroom because of these blue/green THREE:
                              1. Drapes pull your eye up.
                              2. Bed pillows carry your eye to the left side of the room.
                              3. Accent chair then carries the eye to the right side of the room.

Rethink Design Studio

Fresh Coastal Feelin' because of these THREE:
                                         1. Painted furniture (try painting one of your own pieces!)
                                         2. Reupholstered cushion.
                                         3. Bold pillows across back of entire neutral sofa.

Olive Interiors

Funky Colorful Office because of these THREE:
                                        1.  Large artwork 
                                        *(make your own art using the 2015 colorful paints - try abstract or pattern of chevron or moroccan motif!)
                                       2. Lamp shade (Many retailers sell colorful patterned shades)
                                       3. Seating -eclectic mix of upholstered desk chair, ceramic garden stool and bamboo one.

Paint your front door ON THE INSIDE your house
LOVE THIS!  People tend to forget to address how the front door looks inside the house, concentrating solely on the outside.  I encourage the use of color on your front door INSIDE your home to get a beautiful pop of color!  Here are some inspirational painted door photos:

Teal, turquoise and lime shades boost any inside door

*Don't forget about your back doors.  Paint the inside a beautiful shade of your favorite color.  

Add Color to the back of your Media Unit & Bookcase
Have a dark big piece of furniture?  Lighten and brighten it by painting the back piece a striking color!  Check these ideas out:

Dove gray with orange back and shelves really make a soft yet powerful statement.
Easiest way to transform a dull room is to install window treatments with bold color.  Neutral rooms turn into 

DIY Paint Lift
I love renewing used pieces like turning this old wooden basket into an 'Art Supplies' holder.  
I added the lime green stripe using paint.  Using a pencil I wrote 'ART SUPPLIES', then using white paint and a thin paint brush, went over the letters.

Here it is!

Here is the basket tucked inside a painted accent table.  I love revitalizing worn furniture pieces.  A simple paint lift turns it into something new!!

Furnishings That Are You Can Get Right Now

Want ideas for furniture and accents you can get now?  If you are looking to add some new pieces to your home to get the soft pastel and bright finish look, here are some that rock!
Pottery Barn Clerks Console Table is a really pretty piece in person!  I used it recently in a family room and it showed off beautifully looking vintage in a soft blue.

I used this drape in my family room (photo at beginning of this blog post)!  It needed a little steaming but looks great (I used a pair on either side).

At 58"s wide this vibrant art piece is a great buy!  I dig the colors and the abstract fun!
Patchen Ottoman at West Elm is a bold piece to give the middle of your room a smile!  The elongated honeycomb pattern looks great.

This Robin Arm Chair has a beautiful green color and my favorite, nail heads!

The Cubed or Ovate pillow cover is 20", perfect for large scale color infusion, and has a luxurious look.  These colors are right on trend!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

'Paint Lift' A Basket And Add Color To A Lamp Shade

I gave an old wood basket a 'Paint Lift' and am so happy that I am able to use it again!  I also added some fun color to a lamp shade and now its 'bloomin' with color'!  Check out these 2 easy DIY projects below:

my TWO quick DIY projects

Paint Lift Basket

Take one old basket, dust it off and reinvent it!  

I simply painted a lime green stripe, then when dry, used a pencil to write 'ART SUPPLIES'.  Lastly using a thin tip paint brush and white paint, painted over the pencil.

TA DA!  Old becomes new again!

Add Fun To A White Lamp Shade

I saw this lamp shade at Target that had a blue ribbon around the top and bottom.  I thought it was cute and then said 'I can do that!' 
I used a white shade, 1.5" wide ribbon I picked up at Hobby Lobby, tacky glue and a box of paper clips.
I glued half the ribbon down the front side of the shade, then folded the ribbon over to the inside of the shade and glued it down.  As I worked I placed paper clips 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Decorator's Secret To Store Bought Curtains

Loft apartment in downtown Allentown PA designed by LoveYourRoom
Ok, here are the "do's and don'ts" of store bought drapes as promised, and as seen on WFMZ 69 News at Sunrise today.
Eve Tannery and Shosh

Thanks for having me Eve!

This blog details what I look for when searching store bought curtains.  It also includes how to hang them correctly.  I have learned this through countless client projects I have tackled where budget was key.  A retail window drape can still look fabulous if you apply these tips! 

The Hunt For A Store Bought Window Curtain 

I narrow my search down by looking for the following criteria:

1.  Stick To Back Tab or Grommet Header – Back tabs are hidden tabs located in the back of the drape that you slide the window rod through.  This gives the drape elegant soft vertical folds at the top of the window.  A grommet header uses metal eyelets that the curtain rod slides through.  This also gives the drape a soft folds but is considered more contemporary because you can see the curtain rod through the folds.  Both of these options allow the drape to hang well from the curtain rod AND make it easy to open and close the curtain.   The grommet header is a more contemporary look of the two.
Back Tab


*Why I do not use rings with drapery hooks or clips.  I have found that the drape never hangs right this way unless it is done professionally, or by someone who knows how to do it right.  With drapery hooks the fabric, unless pleated, looks pierced and ‘puckered’ at the top, and with rings that use clips, the curtain tends to sag between them because its being pulled up by the clip. 

2. Go For Lining – Lining not only adds weight and color depth (by less lighting peeking through) to the drape so it looks better, but helps insulate and there is less fading of the material from the sunlight.   For a bedroom or media room I opt for ‘lining with black out’ so no sun gets through. 
Lining Sample A
Lining Sample B
3.  Height Is Key – I always measure my window from the very top (this includes window trim) to the floor.  AND I measure the ceiling to the top of the window.   This is so important because store bought drapes typically run 7’, 8’ and 9’. Long.  If your window height (top of window to the floor) is not exactly one of those lengths than you need to mount it above the window, closer to the ceiling.  Knowing how much room you have to that ceiling is key!  See example below:

4. Width May/May Not Be Important – Rule of thumb is that a single window requires one pair of curtains to have the ability to open and close completely.  This is called ‘Functional Curtain.’  If you have a double window (larger in size), then you will need two pairs of curtains to be a ‘functional curtain’. 

If you only require the curtain to be hung for aesthetics, and not have the ability to open and close completely, it is called ‘Non Functional Curtain.’  For a double window, in this case, you only need a pair of curtains. 

When do I use a 'non functional' curtain?  If the window already has a shade or blind, I use the curtain to simply soften the edges of the hard treatment.   Another example of when I use non functional curtains is if I am dressing a pair of windows that are either side of a fireplace.  There may not be room on the side of the windows closest to the mantel.  In this case I would hang a curtain on the outer walls of the window.  It looks symmetrical and beautiful!

IMPORTANT: Measure Your Window Curtain

So you have your curtains, your window rod, and are ready to hang them!  Please oh please measure the length of each store bought curtain again.  Why?  Because this just happened to me at a clients' home......

Installing A Window Curtain

The Wrong Way:

I cannot tell you how many times I get to a clients home for the first time and am shown curtain rods that are hung right on the window frame and the brackets are on the trim itself or screwed in right next to the trim.  THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!  And I bet if you are reading this you are nodding that you know what I mean.

When I see the rod hung like this, the curtain is typically dragging on the floor or an inch above the floor, and the entire width of the curtain is inside the window when opened.  Then the client tells me that they never want curtains again because it looks like this.   And I say ‘It’s not supposed to look like this!’ 

Treat your curtains like you would a pair of pants.  They should be flattering and the leg pant should end at the right spot, not look yanked up high like you are walking through mud, or so long you are tripping over the bottom hem. 

The Right Way:

To find the right height is a TWO PERSON JOB. One person places the curtain onto the curtain rod and holds it up to the window.  The other person then looks to see where the bottom of the curtain is just touching the floor ('kissing it').  It is at that point on the wall, where the rod should be installed.  

The brackets should not be placed directly on either side of the window frame or on the frame itself.  If possible keep the bracket two inches or so from the frame on either side.  This allows you see more window and less fabric when fully opened.

 Good luck with your next curtain project! -Shosh

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tomorrow I Share Store Bought Curtain Secrets On TV

Tomorrow at 8:50 am I will be sharing with viewers tips I use when working with store bought window curtains on the WFMZ TV 69 News at Sunrise.  I will share my experience and secrets I live by!  Hope you can catch it!  After the show airs I will blog about it on my LoveYourRoom DIY blog.  
There has been a lot of great stuff going on at LYR, and we share photos on our Loveyourroom Instagram account, facebook page, and Twitter.  Please follow and like us!
Decadently Yours,Shosh

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How To Use Red When Decorating Your Home

Since Valentines Day is just a heartbeat away, I thought ‘How to use the color red in home decorating‘ would be a great topic to cover!

I often use red in home decorating projects because it draws the eye to areas I want to accentuate; It’s my ‘go to color’ because it works well with almost any other color!  It’s ‘forever in style’ and can be used all year round. It also helps neutralize cool colors like blues and greens.  It accentuates areas in a room that might otherwise be lost because it ‘pulls your eye to it’; the color becomes an anchor.  There are a lot of red shades to choose from too!   
BUT beware that you can go overboard with RED.   

WATCH THIS VIDEO from TV and see the photos and more below:

Here are some good ways to add RED:

Furniture Palette Uses A Bold Stroke Of Red

What brings this room to life? Yep, the red sofa!  This one piece pulls your eye into what is a very neutral and soft space.  Don't be afraid to bring in red through your furniture.  

Large Space Anchor

Many new construction homes have open floor plans and double story heights.  I get asked a lot of questions about how to handle decorating the spaces.  This home is the perfect example of how red can make the open spaces inviting.  Your eye focuses on it first to the bookcase back, then up at the chandelier, then below at the pillows and floral arrangement.  It pulls you in so the space feels more inviting and cozy although the walls are like twenty feet high! And the one color red unites the rooms.

Bath Accents and Towels 

Warms Up An Entry Way

In this long entryway, this red rug sets off this space, warms it up, and creates a beautiful and cheery 'hello' to all!  No need to pour in any more red! One big bold piece is enough!

Lighting Anchor

In an all white kitchen, the red pendants hanging above the long island pulls you to it.  It brings excellent lighting and a bit of 'red delicious' fun!  Its not expected and becomes the focal point.

Window Treatments Bring The RED Wow

A red rug below and red valances above actually add warmth to the table finish so it appears deeper and richer. 

Accent Furniture Power

A quick and easy way to add red is through stools.  You can find thousands of options for red furniture. online.  The color is classic and very popular.  You just need to figure out the style you want.

Use Alot of Red But Not On The Walls  

The pantone color of the year for 2015 is a redish brown hue called Marsala.  This gorgeous dining room could very well be using a similar hue!  The designer left the walls bright white, and let the red furnishing create all the drama.  If you want to replicate this color, try Benjamin Moore's 2084 20 paint.

Sofa Pillows In Red Look Great in Bulk

Don't Just add one pillow; go for multiple ones like the photo above.  Choose different prints and sizes!

Bed Pillows Create The 'IT' Factor

No need for custom bedding to get a bedroom noticed.  Red euro pillows placed on simple white or gray bedding add instant beauty.  This is red used in a glamorous setting.

Want To Paint A Little?  Accent Wall Is All You Need.

This is another bedroom that appears more casual.  The red is used on the wall, along with vintage distressed furniture.  Although the headboard has a unique whimsical shape, the pin striped red fabric keeps it soft and cozy, tying in the color sparingly.

Works Very Well With Dark Paint Colors

Red can pop any dark room really well!  And red plays well with all styles!  From hollywood glam to rustic!  For a chicer appearance use velvets, silks and tufted pieces like the ones in this photos.  Lacquered tables in red also look high end.  

My Sunday DIY project bringing in red to my guest bdrm

 CLICK HERE to see how I add RED to this small little guest bedroom last Sunday.