Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Things This Designer Looks For On Her Hunt For A Dining Room Table

When you are on the market for a new dining table, you look for something pleasing to the eye.  Before you get attached to a table that makes your swoon, read these tips to narrow down your table selection:

  • Typically you can fit more people around a table with a pedestal base AS LONG AS that base does not interfere with the legs of your chairs.  Beautiful pedestal bases can be chunky and flare out at the floor.  These same bases can interfere with chair legs.

  • If you are choosing a bench to pair with your table, make sure the legs or pedestal base allow enough room to push the bench in.

  • Figure 24 inches per place setting at a minimum to decide how many chairs you can accommodate comfortably at a table.

  • Tables can come in different lengths and widths.  In a more narrow room, choose a smaller width.  To figure out what width I can use in my room I always add an extra 24 inches to my the table size.  The reason for this is that you will need to pull the chair out approx 24 inches to sit in it.  If you want to use a table with a 42 inch width, but with the chairs pulled out they either hit the wall, or don’t allow for any traffic to walk by, you should look at narrower tables.

  • If you love the look of grooves or planks in your table top, please understand that those tables will be a catch all for crumbs, and writing on it will be tough.

  • If you are using chairs that have arms to pair with your table make sure the height of the arm fits under the apron height of the table so it slides in easily.  It is also useful to know how much room there is between the table apron and the chair seat so it is comfortable to cross your legs.

  • Ask the company or person you are getting the table from to help you figure out if the dining table you are interested in will fit the number of people you want to seat.  Knowing the dimensions of your room is very helpful!

We use these rules at our interior design firm.  Happy table hunting!  :)

Here Are Some Samples Of Table Looks
Some of the rooms are long and narrow, some are very small 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Thanksgiving Table Setting That Will Wow Your Guests

Hosting Thanksgiving?  If you are looking for a bold 'Primitive Chic' table setting that will have your guests complimenting more than the mashed potatoes and candied yams, look at this fun idea!

Lay a burlap runner down your table, then add a tree slice as a charger, a sleek black plate, patterned napkin and gold cutlery!

I picked up the tree slices at a craft store and the cutlery is plastic (easy clean up but glam to the max!).  

Mason jars make great water glasses; dress them up with a slice of lemon or orange.

Add black candle holders along the table and few pumpkins and gourds for fall color.

Its the details in your place settings that will have your guests eyeing up your beautiful table!  



-Six inch branches from outside
-Gold spray paint
-Black ribbon
-Black card stock
-White permanent marker
-Hole puncher
-Fabric from craft store
*I bought little fat quarter bundles in different black and white patterns but you can also choose just one fabric.  

To create the napkins, cut your fabric into 18" x 21" pieces.

Gather branches and cut into six inch pieces; then in a well ventilated area, spray paint them as shown.

Once dry, tie a black ribbon around the center of each branch.

Finally, cut the black card stock into name tags, punch a hole in each one and tie it to the ribbon.  Add the name of each guest to a tag using a white marker.

Fold each napkin and place the branch name tag on top!



Spray paint the ends of your runner with gold spray paint for unique shine.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Christmas Trees With Flowers Instead of Ornaments This Season

Loving this runway worthy look of decorating your Christmas tree with flowers in replace of the traditional ornaments.

Also this year think about decorating your powder room.  It is seen daily by guests and a little bit of festive flair goes a long way.

Love this garland idea for the mantel using cotton balls.  Its budget friendly and looks like snow!

Enjoy holiday decorating!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Front Porch Fall Decorating With White Pumpkins, Wood And Metal

 With the weather still warmer than usual around here I took a trip to the pumpkin patch in search of white pumpkins.  I have been seeing them in front of beautifully decorated front porches on Instagram and Pinterest.  Here is how I incorporated them into my front porch decor.  

I also added a few wood boxes I picked up at Ross.  I like how they give height to my pumpkins so it visually looks fuller!

I did a different arrangement for my side entrance.  I had a little fun with a two story metal container I picked up at Steinmart.  

 A few potted plants in a fun pink hue give the porch area a happy vibe!  I picked them up a few years ago and just switch out the plants!  

Monday, October 16, 2017

Simple Door Wreath You Can Make For Instant Autumn Style

 Make this simple door wreath for very little cost! 



*I added corn I picked up from a pumpkin patch and used the jute to tie it to the wreath

Thursday, October 12, 2017

JUST ANNOUNCED! The Color of the Year Selections for 2018

Exciting news!  Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams announced its Color of the Year for 2018!   I am a lover of both paint companies and think their bold decisions in hue are fantastic!  I can't wait to see what everyone does with both colors.  

Caliente AF-290

This bold red works great with gray tones and weathered woods, two design trends homeowners are still crazy about.


Sherwin Williams also announced their Color of The Year for 2018.  Oceanside SW 6496.  Its a jewel tone that has been predicted to be hot!  I love the way they describe it as  '
bridges together a harmonious balance of blues and greens that can be found in what's old and new.'

Friday, October 6, 2017

SIX Ways To Make Your Home Inviting Before Holiday Guests Stay Over

The Fall season is the start of Halloween, Thanksgiving and the festive winter holidays.  If you host one of these holidays, now is the perfect opportunity to make home improvements to get ready for all those guests coming over.   

I wrote this post because I recently had a lot of family stay over.  I wanted them to feel comfortable and for my home to be inviting so I spruced it up a bit and thought I would share these few ideas to 're new' my home sweet home before they arrived.  I included other beautiful people's photos to inspire!

Buy multiple matching towels and ditch the mismatched.  
Before you realize you need to hand your Aunt Betty a beach towel because you can't find any bathroom shower towels, go out and buy all new matching towels that can be used by you every day, and your guests so you don't run out of the 'nice towels'.

ALSO Try a linen closet makeover! I love this idea of buying all neutral towels and organizing them in a closet so you or your guests can easily grab one or two, along with plenty of toilet paper!  Pinterest has a lot of creative ideas.  These tagged baskets make it easy for anyone to find more soap or a hair dryer in a pinch!

Look for new bedding.  
There is nothing better than fresh new sheets and a soft comforter/duvet.  Take count of the bed sizes you have before purchasing, and put a smile on your guests' face when they see their sleeping quarters.

Give your sofa a fresh look with new plump pillows.  
It is always amazing to me how an old sofa can look good again by simply changing out old pillows.  Its not only fun to bring in new color and pattern but yeah, it may be time to retire those flat pillows.

Don't overlook throw blankets.  
Its always nice to have a throw blanket on or near a sofa, and these days you can find so many designer looking ones that you can leave it in a ball on your furniture and it will still look inviting!

Head to your local home store and pick up an oversized basket.  You will be able to fit multiple throw blankets in one.  Makes it easy to reach for a blanket and easy to store!

Give guests a comfortable seat! 
Don't worry about your dining table; look at your chairs.  Give your dining table an overhaul by simply changing out the chairs that surround it.  Remember, you sit at a table, BUT you sit on a chair so make sure they are not wobbly, damaged or uncomfortable.  

Pick up new serving dishes now.  
You may want to have snacks out for surprise guests or need extra dinner serving plates.  You can never have enough variety and makes displaying and serving whatever food or dessert a breeze!  A mix of woods, marble and metal pieces all work well together and can be found in most box stores.  By the way, Jessica from Fantabulosity has some great ideas and recipes for parties, and every day tips.

 Have fun this Fall and enjoy any guests that come to visit. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Velvet is This Falls BIG Home Decorating Trend

Have you walked into a hand bag, clothing or shoe store lately and thought 'wow, there's a lot of velvet here?'  Designers are having fun with incorporating this soft and sexy fabric, and I for one am a very happy consumer!

Now we are starting to see it in home decor, and I bet it will be an ongoing trend!  Can you imagine cozying up to this plush warming fabric?

Here are some easy ways to update a room's look with velvet!


We love using soft pinks with velvet.  This color is another home decor trend!  Try Benjamin Moore's Paisley Pink as a soft muted blush pink color that blends velvets and antique finishes beautifully!

Dining Room or Office

These velvet dining chairs from Anthropologie are candy for the eye!  The jewel tones to choose from are vivid in color.  Use as head chairs in a dining room, or try just one in your office!  

Take a piece of furniture you own already and reupholster it in velvet.   Make an old dining chair new again with a bold plush seat.

Do it yourself!
Living Room

This new sofa from Crate&Barrel comes in a luxurious velvet, AND can be bought in the color mustard!  That's right, the rich golden trend worthy color  that just puts a smile on my face.  Place it in a room painted in Sherwin William Poised Taupe.  The warm fabric color paired with the cool paint color is a great combination.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

What Is Your Backyard Home Decorating Style?

Summer is in full swing.  Besides a good game of Bottle Bash, the biggest trend is to set up the backyard as an extension of the inside of the home.   Here are some fun styles and colors.  Which one matches your own personal style?

*scroll to the bottom to click on the link to watch us talk about this on TV!

Boho Punk
For those not afraid of color, take on the trend of adding bold hues. Match weathered a teak table with fuchsia painted seating.   The traditional pedestal dining table you would see in a dining room is now outdoors!  The backyard is another fun room to decorate. If you add color through chairs and accessories like pads and decor, its easier and budget friendly to change out in the future!

Natural And Rustic
We are seeing natural materials inside the home and outside spaces as well!  Outdoor covered porches with distressed wood ceilings and beams.  Stone is very popular also.  The use of rattan and teak lend to this look as well.  Hang a candle chandelier with vintage worn elements.  Be prepared for your outdoor pieces to develop a weather gray look over time.  

Coastal Cool Hue
Layers of ivory and soft blues lend to a relaxing vibe whether indoors or outdoors.  Textures are the key to this look.  Woven sisal rugs work well with this look.

Parisian Blue
A sweet classic for indoor or outdoor dining.  Pieces to include would be full of sophistication that include elaborate details, an old world sense of vintage, and mixing pieces as shown below.

Beach Chic
Who doesn't love a Hamptons feel?  Worn, vintage and has a sophisticated relaxed color scheme.  Bring this look to your own backyard by adding muted color tones, tall lanterns, rattan and wood furniture.  Comfort and a mix of lots of creamy white is key!