Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cute TV Clip About DIY Frame Matting And More

I just shared my two ideas for adding glam to your photo frame mat on television - 69 News at Sunrise.  It was a very cute segment full of clever ideas and throat clearing........yes I said 'Throat Clearing!'

Check it out and count how many times I clear my throat.  I counted 10 times!  

Have a laugh and enjoy the clip BELOW:

Also check out these two photos of my daughter creating her own stylish mat!  After watching me create some she, completely on her own, got to work!  So cute!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Voted Best of Houzz In Design And Customer Service

Thank you Houzz for awarding us two awards for 2014: 'Design' and 'Customer Satisfaction'.  

Here is the letter we received:

"Hi Shoshana Gosselin and congratulations,

We're writing to let you know that you've been voted by the Houzz community as a winner of our Best of Houzz 2014 awards! You can read the full press release here.

Your work won in the Design and Customer Satisfaction categories, as your portfolio includes some of the most popular images on Houzz in 2013."

Remodeling and Home Design

Remodeling and Home Design

We are so excited to celebrate with lattes and deserve a trip to Marshalls!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Frame Gets A New Moss Look When Glass Breaks

It snowed so hard today and I am stuck inside.  My DIY side got itchin' for something to do.  I just recovered two photo frame mats, and now want to do something with this frame I have had for a while in my closet.  The glass on it broke.
This project requires a little more work but not much (as you know I do not like projects that hurt your brain).  And the result is so beautiful!

I think this project would make a great gift for anyone getting married, or having a baby!  

Below is step by step instructions on how I created this look. BUT you can substitute pieces of it to make it more original to you.  Don't be afraid to have fun with it!

Supplies you need:

1. Mat
2. Burlap as wide as the mat opening (you can substitute this for any fabric or pretty paper).
3. Super Moss All Purpose Moss Mat (from Walmart, Joannes or Hobby Lobby)
4. Scotch All Purpose Self Adhesive (I love this stuff!)
5. Scissors
6. Hot glue gun


- Keeping the back of the frame on (NO GLASS), place the burlap on the frame cut it to the size of the inside of the frame like below.

Do a mock up of how it will look except for the moss.  I always need to visually see that a DIY project I am working with will work.


- Spray your adhesive on your burlap piece then place it centered in the frame.


- On a clean surface, spray the backside of the mat with the all purpose adhesive glue.


- Turn the mat right side up and center the mat on the frame.  Press down with your hands to get glue to stick.


- On a large clean surface open the moss.  Be aware that the moss can get the area you are working on messy.

The back of the moss looks like this.  It's a sheet and SO EASY to cut with scissors!


- Measure the length and width of the frame like below so you know how long to cut the moss.

And measure how wide you want your moss to be (for my frame ( chose 3 inches).


- Cut your moss based on your measurements.


- Remove the paper from the back of the sheet you cut.


- Spray the back of each long piece of moss and place along the long inside areas of the frame as shown below. 


- Test the shorter moss pieces and cut off excess.  Spray the backs of the pieces and glue down.

The frame will look like this!

Here is a close up of it!


- Place your photo where you want it to be on the frame with the clip.  

Mark the spot and hot glue the clip in place.  


- Add the photo to the clip.

I added a Martha Stewart Chalk Label from Staples and cut it to fit.  I wrote the year the photo was taken with chalk.  Then peeled off the back and placed it on the frame.

Here is how it looks!

Here are the two other DIY frame mats I worked on today!  Want to get instructions on how easy it was to do these also?  

Wrapping Paper Photo Frame Mat Project

I was snowed in all day and got my 'DIY' fix by recovering the mats of some photo frames I have been wanting to change.  Instead of buying new mats to make the photo frames more stylish I went to my craft closet, and made one using wrapping paper!  

You can also use fabric or pretty paper like scrapbooking paper for this project!

Here's how to do this DIY project:

Supplies you need:

1. Frame with mat
2. Dorm Tape (I love this stuff because it sticks to so much and peels off easily) BUT you can use scotch tape instead.
3. Wrapping paper
4. Scissors


- Roll out your wrapping paper and place the mat on it face down. 


- Cut around the mat to make it easier to work with.


- Fold in each of the long sides and tape them down using the Dorm Tape or Scotch Tape.  No need to fold in the shorter sides.  I just taped them down like this photo.


- Draw an X from corner to corner inside the mat using a pencil and a ruler.


- Using your scissor, make a hole in the center of the X then follow the pencil marks corner to corner to corner.


- Fold back the pieces you just cut up, cutting off the excess that reaches past the mat.  
-Tape them down like photo below.


- Cut off short ends that you taped down in STEP 3.  You won't see the outer mat edge cuts when you place them back in the frame.

DONE! Place back in the frame!

This photo is now as delicious as the sweet snack this blue eyed baby is eating!

Here are the two other DIY frame mats I worked on today!  Want to get instructions on how easy it was to do these also?  

Change The Mat Of A Photo Frame Instantly With Wide Ribbon

This is a great DIY project to do when the snow is piled high outside.  

In Pennsylvania we were snowed in yesterday so I got busy re matting some photo frames I have.   Here is what I made:

Using craft supplies I have in the house, I re-covered a plain white frame mat using wide burlap ribbon, another using gift wrap paper, and the last one, I used moss (the glass to that frame broke and had been sitting in my closet for a long time)!  These are quick projects that will give your photos pizazz! 

Make This Ribbon Covered Frame Mat

Time to roll out the ribbon (he he he!)

An ordinary white mat becomes a zig zag sensation when you cover it with this fun chevron burlap ribbon!  

Don't have this ribbon?  NO PROBLEM! Substitute the ribbon in the instructions below with any fabric or beautiful paper!

See how to make this below:

Supplies you will need:

1. 5x7 frame
2. Mat used in a 5x7 frame to hold a 4x6 photo
3. Wide burlap ribbon (I bought this ribbon at Hobby Lobby)
*You can substitute another fabric, or scrapbook paper too!
4. All purpose adhesive spray (I love Scotch Super 77)
5. Scissors

Choose a ribbon that is as wide as your mat or wider like photo above.  
*You can use a different material instead of this burlap ribbon, like a piece of fabric, or patterned paper.  The adhesive spray I listed above will work with most materials!


-Cut excess fabric so it is easier to work with.


-With the mat front side up, spray the adhesive onto it 
*adhesive gets very tacky fast so spray it on a surface that you can easily clean up.


-Place the sprayed side onto the fabric and press down using your fingers.


-Your mat should be stuck to the fabric like this photo below.


-Using your scissors, cut a hole in the center of the fabric and then cut corner to corner, creating an 'X'. 


-Pull back each triangle and cut off the excess fabric that reaches past the mat.  


-Spray the pieces to the mat with the all purpose adhesive glue.  Press down to make sure they stick.


- Cut off the excess fabric around the mat.  Don't worry if the fabric has frayed edges because you won't see them! 

Here is what the mat looks like.  Now pop it back in the frame!

Add your photo and ta da!!!!! So cute!

This is a photo of my Dad in 1964 competing at the Olympic Tryouts (he is a weight lifter).

Here are the two other DIY frame mats I worked on today!  Want to get instructions on how easy it was to do these also?