Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Boo Centerpiece

Halloween is almost here!  And its the perfect time to create a Halloween Pumpkin Boo centerpiece!  It is super easy!  I love how the ghosts blow around when any one walks past mine!  Make one for yourself; get the kids involved!

For this project you will need:
  • pumpkin
  • scissors
  • sharp knife
  • thick white paper
  • hole puncher
  • white thread and needle
  • twigs from outside
  • black spray paint
  • Mason jar (or you can use a plastic cup!)

Cut off the top (hole needs to be as large as the mason jar or cup you are using to place inside it) and scoop out the guts and seeds.  (I cut my pumpkin top then my daughter scooped out everything)
Also clean out the outside of it and let dry.

Go outside and on a flat surface (I used a piece of cardboard), spray paint your pumpkin black. (I sprayed 2 coats on)
THEN spray paint your twigs black also!  (I sprayed one side, then when dry, sprayed the other side)

Place your jar (or plastic cup) in your pumpkin along with the sprayed twigs.

(you do not need to do this but it does cover the top of the jar nicely!)

Once the jar of twigs was in the pumpkin, I made a little 'collar' by cutting a band of thick white paper about an inch high (enough to wrap around the glass jar).  Then, using scissors, I cut a scalloped edge on one side.  I also punched a hole in every scallop using using a hole puncher. Finally, I fit the paper around the jar and used double sided tape to hold it in place.

To create the ghosts, simply cut out 10 or so ghostly shapes 2-3inches high like these out of the white paper:

Then using the hole puncher, punch out the eyes!

Finally, thread your needle, push the needle through each ghost, and tie it to form a circle.  

Place your ghosts all over the twigs and enjoy!

DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece For Fall

As seen on TV today, here is how to make a pumpkin centerpiece for fall!

These pumpkin centerpieces glam up any table top,  and is the perfect addition to a fall dinner party decor, AND your thanksgiving table!

For this project you will need:

  • A pumpkin 
  • glass vase that fits inside your pumpkin
  • sharp knife
  • Painters tape 
  • Scissors
  • Spray paint (I chose gold for this project but you can choose any color you want!)

On a durable surface, using a sharp knife, cut a hole on the top of the pumpkin and scoop out the guts and seeds.

Clean the outside of the pumpkin and let dry.

Using the painters tape, create a design.
*for this design, I used scissors and cut out random 'dips' and formed it around the pumpkin.  I then added more tape below the design to make sure the spray paint did not touch the lower part of the pumpkin.

Go outside and place the pumpkin on a flat surface (I used a piece of a large box).  Spray the paint onto the pumpkin.  Two coats might be needed.

Your pumpkin will look like this!

Now for the fun part!  Once the paint dries SLOWELY peel the tape off.

Now you are ready to add your vase full of flowers!


And a friend will love one as a gift!

*to create the stripe on the pumpkin to the left, I spray painted it black, then when dry, holding the gold spray paint, I created vertical lines until I had the width I wanted.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Simple Home Decorating Projects



"5 minute projects that will add instant festive fall appeal!"

"Its back!  This DIY project has remained very popular year after year (even on Houzz!) and I love it!"

"A Fine Idea For Yarn Use!"

"Bring nature in for Fall insantly!"

"As seen on TV, so great to do with the kids too!"

Tomorrow On TV: A DIY Pumpkin Floral Centerpiece

Tomorrow morning at 8:50 am on WFMZ 69 News at Sunrise I will show viewers how easy it is to turn a pumpkin into a floral centerpiece, including one perfect for Halloween!  

Show off your fall spirit by adding one to your table top, front porch, or bring one to a friend as a gift!  If you miss it I will have it here after the show tomorrow!  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall 2014 Decorating Trends TV Segment

If you missed me on TV yesterday talking TOP 4 FALL 2014 HOME DECORATING trends, see the short fun video here!  

PS - They didn't show the entire orange accent table so I am sharing the piece with you here!

This table works well as end tables next to your sofa, as a side table pulled up to a chair, or by your bed!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Four Fall 2014 Home Decorating Trends

First day of Fall begins September 23!  Are you ready? I have been keeping my eye on noticable trends for fall 2014, and here are my TOP FOUR picks!  

Colorful Accent Tables

Ditch the matching bedroom set and add pop of color thru night stand!  I have been using colorful accent tables more and more for client projects.  Using colorful tables is something no one did much of before.  Now it's everywhere!  And there are so many hues to choose from from soft gray to bright red!

Artisan Looking Decor

Is it vintage?  Or just 'vintage inspired'?  We have seen a huge trend over the years with using flea market finds as home decor; and so many retail stores and online vendors have made these look alike finds available to any one thru 'knock offs'.   They look unique, some home made, and this trend is not going any where!   

Try arranging a gallery of vintage inspired finds; if you already have a gallery of photos, include some vintage pieces into it!

Navy Blue And Orange

Navy blue and orange are two hot accent colors.  Just check out the pages of pottery barn or west elm.  These tones go great together!  They can be clean and modern, or used in a nautical theme (check out the chic take on nautical that the photo above shows); these colors work in a traditional setting also!  You can bring in these two delicous colors through paint, and/or thru accents like pillows, trays, decor, artwork, upholstered furniture like the cute ottomans shown above!

Chunky Knits

Hello chunky!  When you see what's coming down the catwalk at fashion shows, you know it will be showing up in home decor trends.  And that includes chunky knits this fall!  Pillows and throw blankets of chunky knits are a trend that is hot for fall.  So try a knit pillow and get ready to cuddle up during the colder weather.

Hope this is inspiring for fall!  Its very fun!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

4 Gray Paint Colors That Work Any Where

Many times we tend to go beige in our bathrooms if we have beige in our tiles.  Try Revere Pewter instead!

Why has gray paint been on the rise for the last few years?  Trending or not, this color, done in the right tone, can make a room look chic, soft, and shine in a way, that only gray can do!  I have been asked by almost half my clientele over this past year to change their boring beige to a gray.  Let me tell you which grays I have used the most and why:


Revere Pewter is one of the most popular 'Greige' colors used.  If you haven't heard the word 'greige', it is the not so new gray beige interior decorating term.  Greige is the new beige!  If you are fearful of going to gray, than this is the color for you because it has lots of creamy beige mixed in.   

This color plays well with others!  Just look at the bathroom pic and the living room pic above.  It picks up on the beige tones nicely.   In the living room pic you can see how well the paint color blends the deep gray upholstery with the soft browns of the cream pieces, the sisal rug and dark wood furniture and beams.  


Ozark Shadows is more gray and deeper than Revere Pewter yet still has a little beige in it.  I have used this color probably the most.  I have done entire open floor plan homes in this color.  And I painted a lobby in a chic loft apartment building in Ozark Shadows.  It fits the bill for a light yet warm feel!

This entire home was beige.  Nothing popped and it looked ho-hum.  So we repainted it all in Ozark Shadows and it turned into a brighter contemporary space!  

I was asked to turn this master bedroom into a glamorous space.  They had tried to paint the room gray but used a gray that only made it darker and dull.  You have to be careful with what gray shade to use!  You want one that has a reflective quality if it is going on all the walls.  We used Ozark Shadows and added this beautiful wallpaper, and silver accent!


Grays Harbor is a wonderful color to use for painting furniture, like kitchen cabinets, a kitchen island, a bathroom vanity, or a front door!  It is deep with a nice hint of gray blue!

This kitchen renovation is not only smart but adorable with the use of Grays Harbor on the lower cabinets!  They kept the upper cabinets bright and clean, then made a conscous statement on the lower ones!  This color works well with silver or oil bronze hardware!


I could not miss sharing my fave color to use as part of a wall treatment like stripes or chevron, or stencil!  Uncertain Gray works well for both genders because it doesn't show a hint of blue or green.  It stays pretty true to a kind of cement gray.  

This pattern using the Uncertain Gray is simple and clean lined!  It allows you to add whatever accent color you want like this turquise, then change the accent color in the room without messing with the wall!

I used Uncertain Gray in this teenagers bedroom.  I wanted to trick the eye from seeing the slanted wall so I added stripes.  The Chartreuse adds a fun bright accent to the gray stripes!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

3 Hot Wall Decorating Ideas For Renters

Above picture uses Moroccan Grey Peel & Stick Fabric Wallpaper Repositionable from Amazon

Many rentals do not allow you to paint walls but that does not mean you can't put your own personal stamp on your home.  There are many ideas out there.  My three favorites are listed below.  They give the quickest splash of color and charm, are inexpensive, and can be temporary on a wall.  

You can also watch this short TV segment explaining these ideas from WFMZ 69 News at Sunrise morning show that aired July 16, 2014.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper.

My new obsession!  I am NOT talking about peel and stick decals; its like wallpaper that comes in a roll!  It is so versetile;  And easy to use!  


Chevron Aqua/White Removable Wallpaper

Wave Grey Peel and Stick Fabric Wallpaper

Use peel and stick wallpaper in a bookcase!

You can use it as wallpaper like I did recently.

CLICK HERE to see my project (it is a work in progress right now).  You can also use it to turn a bookcase into a focal point.  Just search under 'peel and stick wallpaper' for tons of online sources including Home Decorator, Target, and Murals Your Way.

Tip - Lining one wall or the back of a bland bookcase looks impressive, and then can easily come off!

Big Bold Wall Organizer.

Organization and beauty in one is so HOT!  That's a 'win win' in small rental units.  This adorable white and gray quatrefoil welcome shelf from Hobby Lobby brings multi practicality by storing mail, gloves, purses, and has hooks for keys and coats!  It is 36" long and 16" high.

Tip - Even small entry ways can use wall hooks, but keep it looking hot, not boring, with a fun hook system! 

Flamboyant Curtains.

This is the oldest trick in the book for adding temporary color. I love this ollie eclipse curtain from Wayfair because it has vibrant color in a paisley pattern.  It really 'pops' against white walls, bringing in an array of fun colors.  

Tip - The key is to have the right ratio of window to curtain.  Single windows need 2 panels, and larger windows need more!  I sew 2 panels together to make it look like a larger panel on either side of a double window.  You can also have your dry cleaner do this for you inexpensively!