Wednesday, July 19, 2017

What Is Your Backyard Home Decorating Style?

Summer is in full swing.  Besides a good game of Bottle Bash, the biggest trend is to set up the backyard as an extension of the inside of the home.   Here are some fun styles and colors.  Which one matches your own personal style?

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Boho Punk
For those not afraid of color, take on the trend of adding bold hues. Match weathered a teak table with fuchsia painted seating.   The traditional pedestal dining table you would see in a dining room is now outdoors!  The backyard is another fun room to decorate. If you add color through chairs and accessories like pads and decor, its easier and budget friendly to change out in the future!

Natural And Rustic
We are seeing natural materials inside the home and outside spaces as well!  Outdoor covered porches with distressed wood ceilings and beams.  Stone is very popular also.  The use of rattan and teak lend to this look as well.  Hang a candle chandelier with vintage worn elements.  Be prepared for your outdoor pieces to develop a weather gray look over time.  

Coastal Cool Hue
Layers of ivory and soft blues lend to a relaxing vibe whether indoors or outdoors.  Textures are the key to this look.  Woven sisal rugs work well with this look.

Parisian Blue
A sweet classic for indoor or outdoor dining.  Pieces to include would be full of sophistication that include elaborate details, an old world sense of vintage, and mixing pieces as shown below.

Beach Chic
Who doesn't love a Hamptons feel?  Worn, vintage and has a sophisticated relaxed color scheme.  Bring this look to your own backyard by adding muted color tones, tall lanterns, rattan and wood furniture.  Comfort and a mix of lots of creamy white is key!
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