Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DIY Home Office Desk Skirt Hides Clutter

Does your desk look like this underneath?

Looking for an instant way to hide your 'under desk' clutter?

I have a small work space that sits in an awkward area and accumulates a lot of clutter and wires underneath.  After staring at my crap long enough I decided it was time to conceal the mess-in a pretty way. 

This is great project for renters who have a work space they share with their living room or bedroom.  Also works super well for inexpensive plain desks!!

With little cost and even less labor, I created a table apron out of a single ready made drape! 

Now I no longer see the mess.

This desk apron can be removed any time and placed back on again because it is held on with Velcro!


1. A curtain from Target- Threshold™ Farrah Fretwork Window Panel
 (or any piece of fabric a few inches bigger than the size of the length and height of your desk will do!)

2. A pack of 'sticky back Velcro Squares' - Most office supply, craft stores and home repair stores carry this.  Choose black or white to blend in with your desk (I would have used white for this project, but wanted you to see the squares so chose black.

3. Stitch Witchery - Most craft stores carry this.  

4. An iron and ironing board.

5. Scissors.


STEP 1. 

Measure the length (width) you need from desk leg to desk leg and add on two inches on either side.  
 Fold the two inches over to the back side of the fabric on each side, and using the stitch witchery,  iron a straight line.  


Attach one side of the Velcro squares along the desk as shown above.  They should stick on quickly.  Place the coordinating back side of each Velcro square on top of the matching square so the sticky side is facing you.

Stretch the newly ironed fabric along the Velcro squares pressing it firmly to the sticky squares as seen above.  YOU HAVE NOT CUT THE LENGTH OF THE FABRIC YET.


The fabric is now attached to the Velcro on the desk as shown above.  Using push pins create a hem where the fabric hits the floor.  Remove the fabric from the desk.  The one side of the Velcro should come off with the fabric (if it does not, use a thread and needle to keep it  attached.) 

Now, like you did to the sides of the fabric, create a hem along the bottom with the stitch witchery, using the push pins as your guide.


Now clutter disappears!  

And with one swift movement of the hand, you can remove the apron and get to your clutter!

This is a fun and functional idea for small spaces!!

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