Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hall Closet Makeover

 Just a few weeks ago I helped a client turn an unorganized unused hall closet into a family friendly mud room.   Thought I would share where we are with it :)


Demo the space!
We cleaned the closet out.

The contractor took careful measurements.
Starting from the bottom up, he knocked this closet remodel out of the park!

Client now has a long bench to put the shoes on, and storage underneath to store them all!  

Its a deep closet so we took advantage of the depth and created basically bookcases on either side, with each shelf measuring 10" deep by 10" wide by 12" high.  My client should never run out of space for gloves, sunglasses, keys, and a hundred other miscellaneous items!

Hooks purchased in two sizes allows for a high row of hooks to hold heavy coats, and a lower level of hooks to hold things like purses, the dogs leash and kids coats.

The hooks were attached to wood and NOT directly to the wall to secure them better.

We are creating a bench cushion now and since this photo was taken, have added a dozen bins that fit very well on the shelves!

Both sides of the closet!

Here is the wall opposite the closet.  It is now a much more fun place to walk in to and get organized.

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