Monday, January 24, 2011

How To Create a Photo Gallery On Your Wall

Do you love how groups of frames look on a wall but afraid to try it at home?  Seems overwhelming but it doesn't have to be.  As an Interior Decorator, I have done this dozens of times and will share my secrets with you.  By the way you can include much more than just framed photos as you can see below. You can include shelves, masks, mix artwork in, hooks with something hanging from it like necklaces, antique trinkets, etc.-anything goes!  

Read my easy step by step process to hanging frames then check out some of the photo galleries I have done.  This is a great project for one person or fun for two!

Measure the height and width your wall space.  This is important so that when you lay out your wall art you will know how wide and high it can go on the wall.  If you have a small wall you don't want to come up with an arrangement that doesn't fit.  And on the opposite end, if you have a large wall you want to make sure it fills up the space.

Make paper templates of each frame.  AND using the point of your pencil, poke a hole exactly where the nail will go.

Give each frame a number using painters tape.  Then write the same number on its template.  Set the templates aside.

On the floor create a layout using all of your frames (and whatever else you wish to add on the wall).  

When you have a layout you like, using your paper templates, arrange them on the wall.  This is where the numbering system comes in.  Just follow the numbers on each frame.
Tweak it until it is where you want it.

You are almost done....hammer the proper sized nail through each hole you made in Step TWO for each paper template on the wall.   

Now hang your wall art!!!

To see more step by step instructions CLICK HERE


Arrange Your Gallery Right At The Store
Before I show you some other fun wall art gallery combinations I want to talk about finding the frame itself when you are at a store.  Don't be shy.............
Spread out the frames down the aisle.  See how different frames, mattes and arrangements look together.  This could take a while but can be so helpful.  I always get looks from people walking by, but it is in amazement, not that they think I am crazy (that is what I choose to believe:).  

My Advice On Giving Your Gallery Life 

Be brave with your selection of frames and mattes-don't match 'em.  Use varied colors and shapes.  Hang personal achievements with photos, and mementos.  Use black and white photos on a bold wall.  Use colorful photos on a neutral wall-and FILL THE WALL UP!!!!!!  

Wall Art Gallery Combinations To Try

Try adding frames of your child's artwork to your gallery.
Stairwell walls are great places to include a large gallery.
Get creative using two different color mattes.
Try using black and white photos with white mattes against a bold wall color for interest. 
Try hanging shelves and then leaning  your framed photos on them as well as other special mementos.
A small arrangement brings interest to a built in.

Mix and match frames for an eclectic look.
A corner of a room to perch upon a chaise is a perfect place to stop time through a beautiful mix of cherished memories, awards, prized possessions, from your childhood to now.


Bella Couture said...

I love the one with the hanging shelves.. so sheek

Shoshana Gosselin said...

Thx Bella. It was fun arranging the accents.

Dharma said...

I did this last night, darn it. Your tutorial would have been very helpful and would have spared a few nail holes :) Thanks for the further inspirational photos though!

Shoshana Gosselin said...

Dharma, I too hung frames last night. One more tip I would add is -when purchasing your frames make sure the hanging device is ON the back. I found out the hard way (can you believe it!)

ian said...

Hi Shoshana

I came across your post while doing some research on photo walls. I noticed a few people had few problems, here is a link that should be helpful to anyone who is thinking of creating their own photowall.

I hope it's useful


Ian said...

Here's a link to the Gallery Wall I just did in my home.
What do you think? Cath at Home is Where my Heart is.