Monday, November 16, 2009

Designer Tips For Hanging Wall Art

The world is full of inspiration. As a decorator, I love to find out what inspires my clients and fill their space with it. Sometimes I nail inspiration to the wall.

If you like the way multiple framed art looks together on a wall but discouraged from doing it yourself, you are not alone! There are so many things to think about-what frame finish to use, how to arrange the frames, how far apart each frame should be from its neighbor? And, the ultimate question, how many nail holes will it take to get it the way I want? Below are steps to follow so that your wall doesn't end up looking like a drive-by of bullet holes. This is how I always hang frames:

You Will Need:

-painters tape
-paper (re-use paper you would otherwise throw away or newspaper, magazine pages, or gift wrap)
-level & tape measure
-proper hanging material for your frames

Step 1: Place a piece of painters tape on each frame and number them starting with 1. 

Step 2: Cut paper to the size of each frame and write the corresponding number on each one. Set aside.

Step 3: Arrange the frames in front of you on the floor.  When you have an arrangement you like, place the pattern on the wall using the numbered cut paper.

Step 4: When you like the look of your arrangement, use measuring tape and level to make sure everything is straight and equal.

Step 5: Finally, set your nail in the wall using the paper as your guide.

Step 6: Hang the frame to its coordinating numbered paper, take the painters tape and enjoy!