Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Revealing Closet

What is the one room in your home that is:
1. ALWAYS too small,
2. Forever cluttered, and
3. Is such a disaster it is off limits to anyone, & never mentioned in conversations.


It's time to take control of the mess and create a closet that works for YOU! One with cheerful personality that is fun to be in.

Even the smallest closets can be transformed into a smart functional personal space that showcases the shoes, the handbags, and the couture you wear so well. Below are pics of my own closet that I put together with the philosophy of ‘everything will be at my fingertips’. I am a busy working mom and don’t have time to look for a misplaced shoe. And when I put my clothes away, I want to just drop it and go. For me, the look of my closet is another room in my home that I look forward to being in. My Grandmother would be so proud. When I was a kid I had the messiest bedroom on the street. She had to clear a pathway to my bed for me when she visited. Hope you enjoy!

I re-worked the original wire shelves so I wouldn’t waste them. After literally ripping them out of the walls, I patched the holes, and re-used everything on one side of my closet.

I bought an IKEA Expedit bookcase for the other side of my closet and absolutely love it in the space. It works great.

I wear a lot of beaded necklaces, and my collection keeps growing. These hooks hold 'em all!

If you are about to under-go a closet renovation....good luck!!!
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