Friday, July 9, 2010

How To Make Greeting Card Wall Art


If you missed watching me turn greeting cards into wall art yesterday on ch 69 News at Sunrise you can catch it HERE (there are two segments-1. how to create the art work 2. how to hang artwork).  It is so hip to mix bought art or framed photos with homemade art, and SO SENTIMENTAL to include a card that someone chose just for you. You know the thought involved with picking a card- you roam up and down the card aisle at Hallmark looking for that perfect card.  Well if you have some of these stuffed in a drawer this project is perfect for you!!
Supplies you need:
-greeting card (you can use an invitation or announcement also)
-8x11 canvas board
-1 piece of square scrapbooking paper
-8 white push pin
-4 nailheads

I created one on the show for a little girls nursary using these supplies

Finished Greeting Card Wall Art:

Catch the second segment to see how to hang art without making those annoying extra holes!

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