Friday, January 16, 2015

Very Exciting News For LoveYourRoom

Good stuff.....I just found out that one of my favorite magazines had included us in their Fall 2014 edition.  As a DIY lover and fan of all things fun and creative, I actually keep my copies of this publication (not many come out a year).  I have many mags that I scroll through then ditch after, but this I'll hold onto for future inspirational ideas.  This is one of those!

Here it is!

The piece includes a small kitchen completed a while back.

This kitchen project for a lovely couple was so fun because we had to get very creative using the small space.  Most days the couple only needs seating for the two of them.  There is no separate dining room in this home, so when they have someone over (they like small gatherings) the table pushes out to expose the stool that can hold another 2 people, as well as a chair on end.  The finishes also create a warm chic look, like a separate dining room would have.  

To see more on this project CLICK HERE

Instructions how to create this striped wall and colors used. CLICK HERE

Check out the front room we designed too for this couple CLICK HERE

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