Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Small Kitchen BIG Transformation

A kitchen remodel needs to be functional first, but never forget to show off your personality in it!  I can't say that enough.  This is the place you eat, hang out with family and friends, try out recipes, and read the paper with a cup of joe. Its where you get inspired and feel comfort.  It is a very personal and important space of any home.  So when my clients, Diane and Dan, asked me to come back and help them with their kitchen after designing their living room, I was honored.   



Every square inch in this kitchen counts due to the small size of the space.  To make it feel larger we added a fun stripe treatment on the far wall to bring your eye to the back of the room.  The big mirror then reflects the light back into the space creating an airy open feel.  The rich dark woods of the furniture grounds the space and looks luxe against the cool colors on the walls.  The most important and most worked on detail in the space was the table.  We had it custom made to fit in this nook perfectly, to allow as much seating as possible, while keeping as much usable surface space as possible.  And by using a bench instead of chairs allows Diane and Dan to keep the table against the wall when it is just the two of them dining and keeps the space open.

And when they have guests over, they can pull the table out and have 4 to 6 people around it.  They don't have a dining room so we made the kitchen feel like one by fitting in a rockin' buffet and contemporary table lamp to create a romantic glow at night.

Who says a kitchen has to be ordinary. Just because we used a bench doesn't mean it has to be for function alone.  Make a statement using bold graphics on the upholstery like we did.  And I love these chairs.  The shape with the smokin' hot white leather cut into the tobacco finish looks so contemporary.  

The other side of the kitchen received a little makeover ON A TEENY BUDGET!



Changes to this side of the kitchen include a new granite counter top, nickel hardware, elegant faucet, and roman shade in a yummy dark chocolate.  And of course, a creamy gray paint color creates a calm feel in the work zone.  No need to change the cabinets or appliances.  Wow....what a difference!

I urge you to be bold and let go when remodeling your kitchen.  Have fun and be fabulous!!

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