Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DIY Flower Top Art

Ever wonder what you can do with all those fake flowers you see at the Dollar Store?  Make art out of them!  Grab your favorite color(s) and make a major wall statement.  This DIY project is so easy and inexpensive that you gotta try it!   
Supplies you need:
-Canvas board (I used a 36"x24" size)
-Faux flowers (enough to fill up your canvas board)
-Hot glue gun

Get fake flowers for $1 ea at the Dollar Store
Decide on the size of your canvas
 1. Pop the heads off the stems.
 2. Start hot gluing the flowers to the canvas board.
2. Keep going....
 3. and going.......
4. Until the entire board is covered.

 Extra Credit Step- Add light weight flying friends like birds or butterflies using thin floral wire.  I found these very thin metal butterflies at the Dollar Stores (they were supposed to be outdoor chimes)
I wrapped the wire around the wings (you can barely see them in the photo above) then twisted the wire around one of the flowers that I had hot glued on, and twisted more and more so it moves when touched but stays in place.
I used this Fake Flower Head Art piece in this little girls room I call Pink Me Up.  I will blog about how to get this room look Wednesday May 17 so come back!!

Go ahead and smell the fake roses!!

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