Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Make A Stationary Stagecoach Valance

Add a stationary stagecoach valance with adorable decorative ties to your window.  This valance is a nice soft finishing touch that can be used in conjunction with drapes, sheers and/or hard treatment like blinds or shades.

We made this one below for a little girls room giving it a loose casual feel.  It was easy to make and inexpensive!
What you will need:
-Fabric four inches longer than your window
(for the backside you can use lining or fold over the same fabric)
-Sewing machine
-Strips of 2 inch ribbon 2 1/4 times longer than the stagecoach valance (for a 6 foot window we used 4 strips)
-Needle and thread the color of your ribbon and fabric
-Hot glue gun
Steps We Took:
1. bought enough yards of pink cotton fabric to cover the 6 foot window with an extra four inches for hemming.
2. folded the fabric in half and sewed a pocket rod opening at the top and hemmed the edges to length of the window (if you are using lining instead, you need to sew it to the back of the fabric instead of folding fabric then sew a pocket rod opening and hemming the edges).
3. Cut 4 pieces of ribbon each 1 1/2 yds. long, placed them equally along valance, folded them over the top of the valance (see photo above) and sewed them just on at the pocket rod stitch line.
4. Spread the valance out on the floor (see the photo above) and rolled the bottom up so the stagecoach measured 16 inches in length. 
5. Hand stitched a few running stitches along the roll to keep it in place (you want it to look like the ribbons are keeping the roll in place but the few hidden stitches actually keep it in place).
6. Folded each ribbon over and behind the valance so it equal in length on both sides.  Attach the ribbon by sewing it on at the pocket rod stitch line.
7. With the valance spread out on the floor again we tied the ribbon ends into bows.

8. Hot glued the bow loops to the roll so they stay in place.
9. We hung it on a basic steel window rod then dressed it with yellow drapes from Target online.

We love it.... love it.... love it!!

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