Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Make Personalized Letter Initial Pillows

What better way to finish off this super cool young man's bedroom than with big bright pillows with his initials large and in charge!  And for this project you don't need to make the pillows themselves so it is a 'semi handmade' project. For this bedroom I used store bought pillows I found on sale at Kohls.  I completed this project in less than two hours.

 Supplies you need:
-2 throw pillows (18"x18" or 20"x20")
-1 yard of felt in your favorite color (figure out the size of your letters in Step 1 to know if you will need more felt)
-Needle and thread that is the color of the pillow
-Measuring tape
-No Sew Glue
 Meet my new bff!
Step 1 - determine the size your letters will be. For my 20" pillows I used 16" high and wide letters.
Step 2 - using your measuring tape and scissor cut two square pieces of felt the size your letters will be.
Step 3 - using a pencil, trace your letters and then cut them.
 Step 4 - Machine sew or hand sew a running stitch all around the letters.
 Make sure your beginning and ending knot are on the backside so it won't be seen when you attach the letter to the pillows.
 Step 5 - Run a line of no sew glue all around the letters like this.
 Step 6 - Adhere the letters to the pillow and let dry.  FYI-The glue looks white until it dries.
All done!!

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