Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Boys Zig Zag Blvd. Bedroom Revealed

The assignment was to create two bedrooms- one fit for a sweet little four year old girl who has a love of flowers, of the perfect color pink, and of books, that are ever growing in her room.  And another bedroom for a very cool and charming six year old boy looking for a more rockin' room that ignites his creativity.

The budget was minimal, about $1,000 for both rooms, purchasing items that would make the biggest difference, and having fun with DIY projects to sweeten the space!
The reaction raised the roof!  We completed both bedrooms while the family vacationed.  Through a lot laughter, creative dizziness, and inspiration drawn from two little kids, the family came home to two fun designer destinations.  The kids ran right up to their rooms.  All that was heard was a high pitched scream 'Oh my gosh!' 'Oh my gosh!' 'Oh my gosh!'  There was a lot of jumping on the bed and rolling around with a giant smile.  My favorite part was when the little boy looked at the zig zag wall and asked "How does Shoshana think of this cool stuff? She is so smart!"  And kids don't lie :)


Watch the video of this reveal. I will share all my secrets and give tips CLICK HERE

Zig Zag Blvd.
A cool kids Bedroom


The Paint.  We used Sherwin Williams 'Anew Gray' on the walls and 'Gray Area' on the ceiling. For the Zig zag wall we used Sherwin Williams 'Classic Light Buff' and 'Decisive Yellow'.
The Lighting.  Plug in wall sconces from IKEA were added above either side of the bed for more direct and accessible reading light.

The Wall Treatment.  See below for how it was done.

Big Bold Initial Pillows.  To create a fun focal point on the bed we added DIY pillows we embellished ourselves.
Window Treatments.  We added a DIY valance over each window using yellow cotton fabric and a 2 inch white ribbon.  After sewing a rod pocket seam and hemming the edges we just added the ribbon using 'no sew' fabric glue.
Add Shelving.  Displaying achievements is a great confidence builder for kids!  Shelves are excellent places to hang light weight awards because they do not take up any floor space.
Work Station. We added a desk and chair from IKEA for reading and writing.  It is near the window so it will get more natural light during the day.

The Wall Treatment. The room definitely gets its superstar feel from the new wall treatment.  And although the yellow color is bold, it is used just enough to make this little boy excited enough to think that I am cool.

Below are the steps we took to create the Zig Zag wall. 

1. Using graph paper, we plotted out the design based on the dimensions of the wall.  
Tip - To make it feel like an ongoing zig zag we began our first yellow stripe 1 foot down the wall.  For the same reason we made sure our zig zag started with a downward line and ended with an upturned line.
2. After painting the wall Sherwin Williams 'Classic Light Buff', using a measuring tape  pieces of painters tape were placed at every point in our pattern design. 
3. The dots were connected by long strips of painters tape, always making sure the tape was straight as it went on.  
 4. The edges were cleaned up using a blade lightly on the wall.
5. Using Sherwin Williams Decisive Yellow, the paint was rolled on and the painters tape came off!

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