Voted One of the Top Bedrooms by Houzz Readers & My Headboard/Canopy Ideas Are On

Thank you Houzz readers for voting my master bedroom one of your 16 Top Bedrooms of 2010!  Houzz is a great interior design site to get ideas from.  It is filled with photos taken by designers, decorators, architects, contractors, builders, and anyone else who wants to share a room they created with people all around the world.  To read what went into creating my 'bedroom retreat' CLICK HERE.

And thank you for featuring two of my bed canopy designs on your “Decorating With Bed Crowns” photo gallery. CLICK HERE to see this gallery.  And  for also featuring my headboard idea in your “Budget-Friendly Headboards” photo gallery. CLICK HERE to see this gallery.  These galleries are live on and will be the main galleries on the page when the headboard package launches in early 2011.

To see step by step instructions on how I created the budget friendly guest room headboard CLICK HERE

I have more designed spaces that will be published and will blog about them soon.  It is an honor to share my take on design and decor, and almost cooler than the pink, orange, purple, yellow, and blue outfit my 6 year old dressed herself in today (almost every bright color was represented).  You go girl (snap snap)!

Also if you missed my Fave-O-Fave list, CLICK HERE to watch my news segment.  It is jam packed with decorating and decor product ideas! I have  received a lot of positive feedback from viewers and readers.

Ok, time to get down off this high and do the vacuuming that I have been putting off, then back to the office.  I have a living room presentation in two days and I have been too busy getting side-tracked with wrapping gifts, baking cookies and finishing a 500 piece puzzle.  Hope you have a great day!!  

-decadently yours, Shosh