Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Bedroom Retreat

I just re-decorated my own bedroom, creating a little cozy cove out of the16'x16' box shape room in my home which can get chaotic. So this is my version of an elegant and serene retreat.  It starts with the walls and the ceiling painted a watery blue green color called Quietude (SW6212 by Sherwin Williams) and adding chunky bright white ceiling moulding.

Instead of just adding wall art above my bed, I turned the wall into art by building rectangular wall boxes out of panel moulding and inserting grass weave wallpaper in the center.  I love this wallpaper for two reasons. #1. great texture; the look and feel is so interesting to look at and touch.  #2.  nail hole forgiveness.  You can hammer in a hundred holes and the grass hides it.

It became a great natural setting for my shell and strange sea crustacean collection that includes a large odd shaped piece of coquina from Flaggler Beach, Florida, a cone shell from Queensland, Australia, and a very cracked purple snail shell from Aruba.  I hung some wall boxes up and literally wrapped a few of my shells with string I bought from my local craft store.  I suspended them from nails i placed in the center of each box.

The bedroom furniture has that Dutch West Indies style with a deep rich brown finish and rattan textured inserts on the bed and the long classic legs on the end tables.  The king sized bed is key!
I added lots of green, blue and creamy white pillows in silky fabrics that shine like a reflection off the sea. My comforter is a soft and casual cotton that is easy to wash.  It has the same relaxing colors I used in the room.
This very cool faux Fokati fur rug adds coziness to the cool colors on the bed.  I bought it from Kohls for 1/2 price.  I now have a laid back sophisticated getaway....where's the Mai Tai?
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