Sunday, April 4, 2010

Updates On Projects & A Cozy Passover Setting

Hello again decorating lovers!

It has been a while since I wrote on my blog.  I took this week off from work to spend time with my daughter who is off from school.  But I have missed blogging;  Missed staying up late with a glass of wine to throw out ideas, bs, and share quirky tid bits about my design projects.  How is your SDI (spring decorating itch)?  Mine is out of control.  With the very warm weather, I have shed my winter woes and ready to rock it for my clients.  I am going to tease you with a quick shot of the bath reno I have been blogging about (click here to see last update).  Johnathan finally stopped 'thinking about tiling' and began tiling!  I am not complaining at all. See there is so much prep involved in a bath reno that must be done right before the fun part.  My client is happy so far (I hope he likes the rest of the plans I have up my sleeve). 
The tiles were SO shimmery, I had to put my shades on.

A Cozy Passover Setting
Next up, I want to officially thank my #1 sis who hosted Passover for 18 people and did it in her signature 'delicously fabulous' way.  I love gatherings at her place.  You feel like you are at an intimate dinner no matter how big the crowd- its warm, simple and full of laughter.  Her secret is to surround her dining table with color and furnishings that sets a comfy cozy mood-she extends her table (made up of a few tables and mdf boards) into her living room that is full of french country charm in warm golds, deep greens and rich reds.  Then she turns on lights in different parts of the space which make the whole area glow-perfect for evening sit down dinners.  Good lighting (I encourage dimmers) is key to increasing or decreasing drama in any room.   
My sister shares a great tip for inexpensive table settings- buy a neutral table cloth that you can wash (hers is a burlap brown) that can be used for all occasions.  On her table she added small bud vases down the center filled with white hydrangeas that have been hanging around her home all week (not pictured because I was busy assisting in the kitchen).  She also added some beautifully colored and shaped platters of matzahs.  You can add your own drama and colors, using accessories from around your home, like bowls and vases, and fill them with fresh fruit, candles, or fresh flowers.  You can break up a long set table, using table runners set vertically or horizontally down the table, and if you find a good sale on gold or silver chargers, pick up a few sets.  They look great under plain plates and can be used over and over. 
For Passover my sister uses gold and clear plastic plates for easy clean up (and because you need quite a few plates throughout the Sedar).  The entire table was filled with delicous food, and after, an array of chocolate goodies that included double dipped chocolate covered matzah (even if you aren't a fan of matzah you will gobble up this stuff!).  I am still stuffed!

Adding Art To A Botanical Library Is All In The Family
I have been working on a living room-turned library-that is almost complete (click here for the last update of the space).  The floors are in, the fireplace and designer alcove have been installed, the paint is up, and most of the furniture has arrived, including two funky floral printed wing back chairs.  We still needed art work though, and it had to fit the look of the space.  That's when Linda, the homeowner, showed me some photos her daughter snapped of flowers.  They were so vibrant and juicy that we thought they would look super great on the wall as a gallery.  So Linda commissioned her daughter for eight botanical photos.  We just hung them and I am so very proud of this mother-daughter team (see pic of them below).  They are just breathetaking!  Can't wait to snap my own pics of this Botanical Library when done and share with you. 
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