Saturday, March 13, 2010

5 Ways to Get Your Bathroom 'Guest-Ready' & Progress on My New Bath Reno

I have begun work on a guest bathroom in Allentown and it has me thinking about guest amenities.  It is important that your guests feel comfortable in your home, especially the bathroom.  I have made a Top Five list below that is easy to incorporate in your guest bathroom.

My TOP FIVE Tips For a Guest Ready Powder Room

1. ALWAYS have extra toilet paper on hand.

2. NEVER let your hand soap run out.

3. HANG a hand towel right next to the sink for easy accessibility and have it on a hook or ring that allows your guest to grab it, use it, and hang it back up without any fuss.  DON'T skimp on the hand towel.  Make sure it is fluffy and absorbs water well.  You can find great buys at Marshalls, Ross, TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning.

4. KEEP a little bowl or tiny tray of mints to refresh your guests.  Make sure the candy is individually wrapped!

5. ALTHOUGH powder rooms tend to be small, you should still incorporate a spot to hold a magazine and air freshener.  In the example below I have used a rectangular basket, but, depending on  your space layout, you can use a leather or metal basket, or any other fun holder that keeps with the theme of your bathroom.  

I love the look of these storage pieces also:
-BLOMUS Magazine Rack from Stacks and Stacks
-Neu Home Bath Tissue Dispenser Magazine Rack in Chrome or Oil Bronze from Bellacor
-Lilac Magazine Holder from Bellacor
-KASSETT Magazine box in an assortment of colors from IKEA
-Toilet Paper & Magazine Holder - Stainless Steel - by Umbra from The Storage Store

My Allentown Bath Reno Progress

I will incorporate the five tips above into the bathroom I am currently renovating in Allentown.  This is an important bathroom because it sits on the first floor and will be used by guests often, especially during the summer, because my client holds the best pool parties!

It is a very small space that will, when finished, pack a powerful punch of function and dramatic contemporary design. I blogged about this bathroom reno a few weeks ago (My Split Personality - A Tropical Eclectic Living Room & Modern Glam Bath), showing you the tiles that will be used on the walls.  I just chose the floor tile planks but don't have a photo of them.

This has been a fun project because my client rocks and because I get to work with Johnathan, my fave tile contractor.  He is an artist, and very fussy about his work.  And above all, he is a joy to work with.  Here he is in the space, which looks a bit underdressed right now!

I will update you again on the progress!
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