Friday, January 29, 2010

My Split Personality - A Tropical Eclectic Living Room & Modern Glam Bath

I have a split personality lately and loving it! I began work on two totally different spaces, two totally different clients, who want two totally different looks.  One is a living room in Bethlehem and one is a bathroom in Allentown.  I thought I would share the progress so far.


Aren't these fabrics fun-so full of texture and curves! This couple's design style is truly a reflection of their passion for life and bright personalities.  Their living room, which opens into their dining room, will get a creamy coat of Convivial Yellow (SW6393) on the walls.  A nice warm backdrop glow for introducing the tropical flavored fabrics above on the windows and furniture.  We bring on deep finished woods and furniture pieces, which are, to say the least,  one-of-a-kind and shapely!!  And the lighting will make you 'EEEP'.  We've just begun and I can't wait to see the vision in my head-in person!


This full bathroom is the size of a six foot person in length and five foot person in width.  It is tiny, to say the least.  BUT the new reno will make it feel big and G-E-O-R-G-O-U-S!  This space does not represent my contemporary client at all.  The bathroom has a stand up shower that takes up way too much space, little room for anything else, dark wood paneling everywhere, and a vanity, that has me shutting one eye in distress.  We will be replacing it all!
We will install a smaller shower that is all glass and add built-in shelves on one side to hold towels and essentials. We will wrap pure white subway tiles around the space, halfway up the walls and completly around the shower. It will be very minimal- then comes the bling! Adding sleek and sexy tile down the center of the floor and all the way up the shower wall. Yes, like a runway. And also around the walls as a border above the subway tiles. With the Hep Green (SW6704) paint, new lighting, new vanity, niche, and accents I have planned-it will be a show stopper!

I will show the before and after pics when I have finished the projects so stay tuned! I am also working on a very cool master bedroom with a rustic lodge theme, a fun library, and contemporary asian style family room.
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