Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lighting Trends That Are Hot And Affordable

Unique lighting can make a huge impact in any room.  Here is a list of a few on trend ceiling and wall fixtures that are unique and affordable in price.  I have used these in home renovation projects recently!

Hexagon Is the Geometric Goddess

Its been called a honeycomb or hexagon pattern; and it is used everywhere these days in home decor from tile, to fabric and wall art, to lighting.   The bees know a good design!

This particular beautiful light is glamorous with its mix of black and rich gold tones (mixing metals is another hot trend.  Gold is the new platinum and can really dress of a space!  Its here to stay for years.  I have worked on a number of client projects that have brass door hinges and handles.  Changing them out at once can be costly so we have for now, used two tone metals like this light, to update the rooms and still create a connection with the original brass hardware! This light is under $600!  In person its large and a real 'wow' piece!

A Love Of Industrial Design Brings Desk Lamps To Walls

Adjustable arm wall lights are now sold just about every where!  Some are plug ins and others are hard wired.  And they are used every where, from kitchens, to libraries, to bedrooms, and even bathrooms.  Some can be very pricey but this one is not!  And it comes in sleek platinum, satin nickel, gold and oil bronze. Many of these can get expensive but this one is under $200!


The adjustable Savoy House Dakota

Sleek Lantern Pendants Are Fresh And Timeless

Lantern pendants are used a lot by designers and home owners.  This particular light has a strong, linear silhouette.   I am a huge fan of it because it fits the bill for most kitchen islands!  It takes three bulbs to give off more lighting and no glass to clean!  Also its lines are thin so it doesn't block the view.  The cage shape is timeless and you can get it in a bronze and brushed nickel finish!  They also mix well with various styled chandeliers.  Price is under $200!

I recently took on the fun challenge of creating my own industrial style wall sconce for under $20!  SEE HOW I DID IT HERE!

I love to up-cycle decor and furniture into unique finds!

I wish you luck with your next lighting home project. :) 
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