Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How I Recycled A Brass Wall Sconce Into An Industrial Colorful Light

I love this industrial vibe in lighting I see every where!  I have been renovating my own home and recently finished a quick DIY wall sconce project that cost under $20.  
I have been holding on to two shiny brass wall sconces for years just waiting to use them for something.  Like it? 

I dusted them off and sanded them a bit with medium sandpaper grit.  Took 3 steps to get them completed.

FIRST I painted them teal blue,
SECOND I added a metal guard I picked up for under $5 and spray painted it gold.

THIRD I added twine, and

They are cute next to my beloved vintage belongings.  I am a true lover of restored and up-cycled finds.  I find it very interesting and has a lot of character.

Plus my hubby was very happy I saved us money!

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