Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm Back With A Lot Of Ideas

Hello friends!

Sorry I was gone for April.  It has been one of those fly by night months, gone faster than a speeding bullet.  I missed blogging so much so I am christening this post with a glass of champagne!  I can't wait to share with you all the projects I am working on and the fantastic people I have met!  I have been all over the place.  I wish I could get car mile points like the airlines give out.  Sadly no, just spending lots of dough on gas which goes up so fast; it is up five cents as I write this-now ten cents!!

For this blog post I am attempting to recap all the bits of fun design info I have been involved in since my last post.  I have a before and after to show you that made me so happy because it has been a year since I did the design; Also I included articles from some amazing print publications I have been involved in for March and April that are full of great tips on some timely topics.  And have you heard of  It's a great place to get detailed ideas on every design and decor dilemna you can think of.  I am writing featured ideabooks for them now (so fun!!).  Below I have shared a DIY that was featured today.  

April wasn't all work and no play for me.  I also flew to Florida for some family time (first vacation in a year!).  That is my cool Dad in the blue hat.  This was the first photo taken of me without a drink in my hand!

I was just told by Roeshel, creator of DIY Showoff, a wonderful and popular blog all about renovations, before and after home improvements, DIY design and decor on a budget, that she will be including a link to my how-to create a photo gallery in tomorrow's post!  Thank you Roeshel! And thank you to all those DIY lovers who stop by!!  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW TO CREATE A PHOTO GALLERY POST.

If you ever wondered the wall of circles in my home office was created, or just want to know how to re-use a pizza box, you can see step by step instructions featured on Houzz.  

3. Publications I Was Featured In Recently

Get all my tricks and tips on how to make A SMALL ROOM FEEL LARGER published in the Hakol Newspaper March 2011- CLICK HERE to read it (pg 2-3)!

Get my easy to add ideas on HOW TO CREATE A MEMORABLE GUEST ROOM published in the Hakol Newspaper March 2011- CLICK HERE to read it (pg 8-9)!

Care For Your Outdoor Furniture- Refurbish And Replacement Options
As the days get longer, it¹s getting on time to pull the patio furniture out of storage and plant it next to the garden for the spring and summer. If it’s looking worn, you have a choice: refurbish or replace it. Read what to do in The Morning Call Newspaper Sunday Feature April 11, 2011 edition- CLICK HERE.

4. A designs by Shoshana Room Transformation

A Master Bedroom Transforms From A Bare Space To A Deep Rich Tuscan Getaway

My clients Kelly and Wayne wanted to create a haven that mixed their taste of a simple natural feel and their love of Italy.  They also had a major request to incorporate a sentimental quilt and pillows hand made by Kelly's mom.  This was a challenge for me because I wanted to use the rich warm colors found in Tuscan style.  The beautifully made quilt was crisp white with soft green and bits of yellow in it.  My solution was to use the quilt at the end of the bed as an accent throw and tie it in with the walls through the soft green.  

Here is the beautiful quilt-
Here is the BEFORE and AFTER 
taken with my new iphone
The changes made were cosmetic-easy to achieve! To add the richness that the Tuscan style is soaked in, we added tons of golden Mediterranean colors in brilliant golds, dark bronze (the chandelier and lamps) and rich reds.  We kept the furniture, because heavy warm chunky wood works well with a Tuscan feel.   We used a lighter tone of green on the ceiling and man does it bring up the comfy level in the room!
The focal point became the space above the bed.  As soon as you walk in, it pulls you in.  All we did was find a calendar that had gorgeous pictures of Italy.  They were framed and hung in a tight grouping.

We played up the embellishments, true to Tuscan style, by using fringe on the pillows, layering the window treatments with a creamy diamond patterned sheers, and tassels on the armoire, and beaded trim add to a multi-layered look.


If you recall I went on television in March talking about my design for a little boy and a little girls bedroom CLICK HERE to see the news segment.  SJ, Designs by Shoshana's amazingly talented coordinator, and I, have been hard at work executing the plan.  Here is a peek into the DIY pillow solutions for the bedrooms.  Stop by again May 18 to see the bedrooms come to life and the DIY ideas, step by step! - and I can't wait for you to meet SJ.  Soon.  Very soon!!! 

Yes it is vinyl and so fun!!!!!!


I know this is not a design recommendation but this is a new love of mine that I want to share:
Would you like a coffee that packs a powerful packet of hot chocolate in it?  Then welcome to my K-cup Cafe Mocha addiction - who would have thought that something so small could make me so happy!
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