Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bits and Pieces of Designer Love From Last Week

It is Friday night and I am in my work out clothes contemplating getting on my treadmill (have been thinking it over for an hour).  I am so lame because I just shut my client folder at midnight.  Has been a great week though and, so much to catch up on.  Then to bed I go because I am checking out an antique show tomorrow morning at the Ice House in Bethlehem; so fun.  

I just want to share some cool things I am digging from this past week.  They are pieces of design projects I am working on, and well just fun stuff.  First and foremost is Sara Jane, who has begun working with me.  Welcome to the LYR team Sara Jana.  I will blog about her soon so you can get to know her.

I love it when a plan comes together (go A-Team), and this design plan for Michael and Christine in Saucon Valley, is looking great!  I checked on their window treatments and had to share with you two of the drapes because I am in love with the patterns, colors and textures!  

Next, I saw this blingy mouse and ear phones at Staples and had to buy them.  I did it for my daughter (yeah right)!  She was very impressed with me.

Also, I recently finished a design plan for a client looking to add some fresh whimsy to her family room.  Love these fabrics we chose for her new sectional; so yummy (like bubble gum!), and an ottoman in burgundy (so soft).  

Took a trip to IKEA and I really want to use these red chairs some where, maybe my basement......

And I was so excited to see this frame gallery at a clients' because each frame is tiny but together they look large and in charge!  We painted the walls a soft blue and added a chair rail and vertical trim.  She had all of these small hand painted works of art kept in a box.  They were so beautifully detailed and had meaning to my client so we made a tight pattern on the wall and she nailed them up.
She also had this amazing metal art piece in her home.  We placed it up front and center over the sofa.  Large works of art look great over a sofa because they balance each other out.  Don't mind the tape strips on the sofa arms, she is actually doing a genius thing-they are special tape strips used to get your cat or dog to stop trying to scratch or sit on the furniture.  And she says they are working so the strips will go soon.  She bought the strips at her local pet store.

OK, so I was called to help a client move into a brand new town home quickly; to paint and furnish it ASAP- so we did it! But when it came to finding a window treatment for her bathroom, she wanted a window treatment that allowed as much light to come thru as possible and needed it that day, so Speedy Gonzales style, I grabbed one silver grommet drape from Target, a tension rod... 
I laid the drape out then cut it four inches longer than I wanted it hang in the window.
I folded the extra four inches in, used stitch witchery to hem it (you know that I don't know how to use a sewing machine right?), and hung it up!
Took less than an hour!

And lastly, I am slowly working on P's office (hubby)........
I blogged about the changes so far (CLICK HERE).  I am adding a memory wall using all the memorable photos and awards I can get my hands on.  I really love this idea and will show you how it all looks soon!  It is a great way to take all those mismatched framed items you have in boxes, and put them together to cause a great dramatic statement.  So eclectic!

Well time to get on the treadmill, or have a glass of wine!
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