Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Surprise-Speaking At Kutztown University March 23

Happy Valentines Day!  Today is a day to shout  'I LOVE RED!!'  Red has to be my fave classic color.  It has so much energy.  I use red often in my fashion and home decor.  I own three pairs of red shoes, countless necklaces, even my iphone case is red.  And this weekend I began incorporating it into my hubby Paul's home office.  Again because of the energizing effect warm colors like red has, it is a great place to use it.   Here is a tiny preview of the progress-

AND Happy Valentines Day to Kutztown University students!  I will have the pleasure of speaking at Kutztown University as part of the First Steps Speakers Series. This is VERY exciting for me.

The Series is aimed at connecting working professionals from various fields with KU students who are interested in careers in those fields.  I will share my knowledge and experience with students who want to turn their creative passions into a career.  What a wonderful idea!  All the women involved in this Series are amazing.  I wish I had something like this when I was in college.  The press release was just sent out to the media.   It will take place Wednesday, March 23, at 4:30pm. 

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