Friday, January 7, 2011

Looking Forward To A Golden 2011

Eggs sunny side up? OR a shaggy place to wiggle your toesies in?

Happy 2011!

I hope 2011 goes eggs-actly the way you want.  I just returned from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, ringing in the new year with good friends.  Here is a recap of our trip:
1. Three days of "Wasting away in Fondueville; Searching for our lost chocolate banana pop";
2. i-phone scrabble addiction that turned to word abuse;
3. and My Booky Wook (Russell Brand is nuttily adorable) self indulgence.

For me there were no resolutions this year because that only leads to guilt ridden distrust between me and my big mouth by year end. For example, first day of 2010 I promised to curse less but there I was on the last day of the year, turning into a swearing sailor.  I had good reason of course.  It was 7:30 am.  I had just completed the dreaded morning routine- take shower, put on make-up, get dressed, and dry hair. I stopped and stared at myself in the bathroom mirror for a while, thinking "something is off, not right and downright greasy."  Then it hit me like a 200 lb elephant with a perm.  "I FORGOT TO WASH THE CONDITIONER OUT OF MY HAIR!"  After cursing in six different languages I undid the last twenty minutes and hopped back in the shower to wash that (blank) conditioner out.

No resolutions, just cravings.  A few of my new addictions for 2011 include:

1. Thomas Paul.  I have blogged about him before (click here) but have to again because his vintage inspired pillows are so adorable.  He took classic designs and added fresh watery color.  Great for a nursery or any kids space.  Also these matryoshka doll pillows.  You might know of them as a babushka doll. 
It is a Russian nesting doll made of wood that when opened, contains other dolls, one inside the next, decreasing in size.  
My mother, in her very early twenties, was a hairstylist on a cruise ship and visited many countries, including Russia, where she picked up a matryoshka doll.  As a kid, I used to play with it a lot.

Paul is a textile designer guru, completely changing his look and feel, but keeping to the bright beautiful colors I really enjoy.    I have created drapes for clients using his eye candy patterns.  I also framed them for a client because they brought so much colorful beauty into the room.

2.  Pink and Yellow to make pink lemonade.  Pantone named its color of 2011 (drum roll please).....
Per Pantone "Honeysuckle emboldens us to face everyday troubles with verve and vigor. A dynamic reddish pink, Honeysuckle is encouraging and uplifting. It elevates our psyche beyond escape, instilling the confidence, courage and spirit to meet the exhaustive challenges that have become part of everyday life."
Now imagine that pink paired with a golden yellow!
Can you feel the warmth and happiness?
Here are some great ways to fuse the colors in one room:

I would sit here for hours with a cup of tea and some friends!
Betsey Johnson's dining room is a showstopper in  pink and yellow!
I think pink covered books would be the perfect additions to this space designed by Kelly Wearstler for the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica.
Ruthie Sommers, whom I am mad about, brings pairs them nicely through chair upholstery.  
The large yellow wallpaper piece brings life to this eclectic space. 
I am also hot for the lattice upholstered ottoman.
The deep gray paint, flooring and sofa make the yellow and pink glow.
In this airy white space, the punches of pink and yellow instantly add bright fun. 

3. Frugal Family Fun.  OK, I have one last addiction.  It is not about interior design but it is noteworthy and you can definitely find inspiration in it.  It is a blog chock full of great inexpensive and easy crafts to do with children, as well as so many money saving ideas.  I was really blown away by it!  Valerie, who is the mad genius behind the blog recycles everything! My daughter and I ran around the house looking for used TP rolls and made our version of The Owl Family Play Set.

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