Monday, March 8, 2010

Important Body Part For An Interior Decorator

The most important body part for an Interior Decorator to possess is a good set of ears. From the first sit down, to each and every pow-wow there after, my client is counting on me to pick up on what he/she is looking for in a design plan without actually saying it outright. I figure it out through casual responses to my questions, through visual aides that include hand puppets and miming, and by listening to how hard they laugh at my jokes.

Just yesterday, I helped an adorable couple in New Tripole, through this process. I knew it was going to be a good meeting because Roxette ‘Dangerous’ came on the radio as I neared their home. After screaming along with the song, I parked, popped the trunk, and dragged out a million and one decorating tools.  By the end of our meeting, we put together a super stylin’ and eye catching design plan that includes a graphic wall treatment and very fun fabrics (diggin' thomas paul).  Check them out below:

We had a good time figuring out if the pattern in this juicy green thomas paul fabric was inspired by a mushroom, maracas, or a ping pong paddle.  Whatever it is, they loved it and we are making them into drapes for the living room.
This bold black and white diamand graphic by duralee will be such a grand statement hanging in an apple green dining room.
These bold colored and large patterned thomas paul fabrics screamed to be framed, so that is just what we will do. Using crisp white mattes and oversized black frames, they will be a focal point in the dining room, and tie the living room and dining room together.   

Can you tell I am ready for spring!!!

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