Monday, January 31, 2011

Apology Poem to My Home

My home life is a mess right now-physically!  Many of my own rooms are in transition and the physical complete changes can't keep up with my brain.  Has this happened to you?  I have begun SO many home projects but not finished any of them.  I have drawings, laid out plans, and am ready to go, yet stuck in mid gear.  For good reasons thankfully, my hubby Paul and I have been very busy with our own businesses, but I need to own up to my poor disheveled home so here is my apology to my house:

Ode To My Lovely Disheveled Home

To my dining room that has become a dumping ground
For the unpainted crown molding that has crept all around;
To my bedroom closet that weeps for a new wood floor
That covers the rest of the room but sadly I ignore;
And to my office that I can barely step into these days
The only room that my husband curses me to save;
Oh and I can not forget my basement that I love best
I still need to paint the trim and finish the rest.

I am so sorry to you all dear rooms
I love you much and my good intentions will resume;
I just need a good night sleep and finish one thing or two
And I promise, tomorrow, I will get right back to you!


To prove my words are true, I finished one project-adding wood flooring in my closet. I am sorry about the poor picture quality.  

I took everything out of my closet.
My bed looked like my closet threw up on it.  It is actually an episode of Hoarders (just kidding!).
Since everything was out I went through purses I have not opened in years.  It was a wonderful trip down memory lane.  I found all sorts of stuff like my plane tix from my trip to Australia back in 2002; receipts from my trip to San Fran which was the last 'girls weekend' for me and my two bestest college buds; and my Long Island Railroad schedule from my daily commuting days to the big apple when I lived on Long Island.

To be truthful, after cleaning up the tears, I left my mess on my bed and went ice skating with my daughter leaving my handy hubby to install the flooring (I got the better end of the deal).-Nice job P!

Click here to see how I originally designed this closet to work for me VERY INEXPENSIVELY.

Ok now changing the subject to tell you I will be blogging about my new client in Jim Thorpe.  This is a big project, sweet client, and I can not wait to get started.  I also can't wait to bring my contractors in to this beautiful area (it's an hour away from us).  Below is a pic I took leaving Jim Thorpe Friday.  Isn't it beautiful!  It is located at the base of a steep valley carved by the Lehigh River.  

Enjoy your day!!!
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