Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kids Camp Barn Makeover Part 2

This is the kids camp.........
That has the white barn...........
That hasn't been used in years.....
And this is the group of gals that cleaned it up for the kiddies!

please note that not all the volunteers are pictured above and I want to thank each and every one!!!!  It was another worthy cause that gave us reason to help and bond with pretzils and music from my nano that not everyone appreciated (you know who I am talking to ;) .

Using only donated paint and fabric, and many helping hands, this very old barn received a little facelift that will be perfect for indoor use when it rains.  After we left lots and lots of fun kid friendly game tables and furniture was added. 

Drama/Creative Room

AFTER (minus the furnishings)
More Camp Transformation:

Game Room

After (minus the furnishings)

This blog entry is part 2 of an earlier entry I wrote.  To find out more about the fabulous volunteer Tikkun Olam team that worked on this camp, click here.
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