Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kids Camp Barn Makeover Part 1

I have designed and decorated home and office interiors, but this weekend I will be working on a barn.  The barn is part of a local kids camp in the Lehigh Valley.  I will be busy, along with a few friends as part of the social action group I chair called Tikkun Olam (hebrew for Repairing the World).  We will turn the empty spaces into fun new places where memories will be made for these campers.  I remember my camp experience.  We ate our brown-bagged lunches on our pool towel, and sat on the grass for hours working with lanyard, having sing a longs, and reciting hand clapping games.  I looked forward to the ice cream cups we would get while waiting for the bus and remember the bees kept bothering us if we stood too close to where the juice and milk was kept.   There were no comfy sofas, or delicate anythings around.  Nature was our room to play in.  But when it rained we had to find shelter.  This will be their shelter!! Here are photos of what the barn looks like now.  
This space will be a Game Room full of fun games!

This space will be a Creative Musical Room to inspire kids to use their imagination!

The barn 'extreme makeover' has been fully funded by Fabrics by Allan, Sherwin Williams on Tilghman St. in Allentown, Buss store in Emmaus, and donated pieces from the JCC Nearly New Sale.   I can't wait to see what a group of friends who care about their community can do.....I promised to show off my Vanilla Ice moves so watch out!  I will blog about the 'After' next week.

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