Friday, July 14, 2017

Jewel Toned Bedroom Sitting Room

Happy Friday!  I finished such a fun project that I had to share a part of it with you.  I worked with a client on her master bedroom and her inspiration was India.  I love global influenced rooms so we had a good time infusing jewel tones, sumptuous layers of texture, and ornate patterns.  

We decided to remove all the white from the room so it would really encompass that worldly vibe.  All the doors and trim work was painted a deep dark brown.  It made a huge difference in the overall look.  Easy tip to get this look.

We started with grass cloth wallpaper on the back wall.  the jewel toned frames and all the other metal tones had a bigger impact with the textural paper behind them.  

The moorish patterned rug lifted color and pattern from the floor up.  This is a great fix for underwhelming carpet - add a large yummy rug.

Indian inspired block printed fabric is my personal favorite.  Hanging it from a golden jewel tone rod finishes the look.
Indian textiles include colorful silks.  We used two luxurious silk pillows that were given to my client as a gift from India.  

Time to put your feet up and have a glass of wine!  Its Friday!  Enjoy!

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