Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spring To Summer 2017 Home Design Trends

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - As meteorologist Matt Broderick has been telling us, the temperature is heating up, so we showcased spring to summer home design trends recently 69 News at Sunrise.
Interior decorator Shoshana Gosselin, from Love Your Room, joined WFMZ's Eve Russo in the studio to show us some styles taking decorators by storm!


Home design has been coming into its own in 2017 with distinct looks and styles.  Late spring time is my favorite season to spy real change because we are transitioning into summer!  I am inspired by what I am seeing!  Of course, they are right off the runway and into our home decor!  

FOUR trends that are making headlines include:


From the recent fashion runways to inside our homes, Florals are everywhere!  Popular in wallpaper, pillows, tile patterns, bedding, and curtains.  Prints are large yet delicate, ornate and refined.

Lucy Interior Design

Kristen Bell recently wore a 2 piece floral dress, any many A list stars are going 'floral' as well!


Suzanne Kasler

JVW Home

Robert Allen Leda Peony in Midnight

Classic and reminiscent of lazy days enjoying a picnic, the Gingham pattern is not only the hot trend for spring to summer, but it has been around for a very long time, including the Victorian era.  It is only natural that it comes into its own this spring!  And the room style you use it doesn't have to be country inspired.  I have been reading recently that celebrities like Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Amal Clooney have been spotted in Gingham.   Check out how these designers are using it!

How fun is this wall treatment?  CLICK HERE to see how this creative blogger did it!

Retail stores like Pottery Barn have indoor/outdoor pillows just in time for summer!

Inspiration by Carolina Herrera Spring 2017 dress shows you that Gingham is used as a chic and dramatic fabric.

Pottery Barn has these indoor/outdoor pillows just in time for Summer!

Whats the difference between Plaid an Gingham?  
TWO main differences:
1.  Gingham is always two colors.  Plaid is multiple colors. 
2.  Gingham is made up of lines that are equal sized.  Plaid has a lot of different sized lines.


Per Pinterest there has been a 50% rise in acrylic coffee tables, trays, and more! Pairing this material with more traditional, rustic, industrial or any other style, will add a modern twist and fun eclectic feel to any space.  See these ideas below!

Fun Accessories!  

Organize your office, make up area, and more with acrylic containers, staplers, tape, and so much more!  

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