Thursday, March 16, 2017

Furniture Help! Sectional Or Sofa

I am constantly wavering back and forth over this issue - sectional or sofa?  Whether I am working on a clients home project or my own home, its a big decision!  The sectional offers plenty of appeal including lots of seating for cuddling, and that coveted corner seat everyone fights over.  But a sofa is less cumbersome, looking lighter in a room, and is not such a commitment as a sectional with its permanent configuration.  

When I mention 'sectional' to some of my clients I get a reaction like "Is that still in style?" or "Don't those belong in the basement?"  Truth is, sectionals have become more modern and chic looking.  The upholstery options are extensive and the arms are less bulky.   They can also be the perfect answer to seating in some rooms due to the layout of the space.  

Many sectionals are customizable.  You choose the length on either end (the right or left side can be longer than the other), the look of the arm, the style of the cushion and the corner seat can be a square corner or rounded corner. 

Sectionals come in L shaped, U shaped, and with one chaise (or two if you choose one on either end like I did in my own home because my husband wanted us both to have our feet up while watching a movie).  

Tip: Balance a sectional with something weighty on the diagonal end or across from it like a floor basket or chair.  

Reasons To Choose A Sectional or Sofa  

Consider the layout of the room! If you are lucky enough to have a large open area with plenty of square footage, the sofa vs sectional decision is more personal.  BUT if you have constrictions due to lack of space in a room or entry ways that you don't want blocked, you may be forced to use either a sofa or sectional.  Its important to measure your room carefully.  Plan it out on graph paper if you can.  Include doorways (you don't want to block any entry way with furniture).  You can also tape out the possible furniture layout you are considering on the ground using painters tape.  If you have furniture in the room now, move it around in different configurations to get a feel for what works best.  Here are some examples of rooms that work best with either a sectional or sofa: 

Sofa Wins When...

This room is tricky to get a good amount of seating in due to the long narrow space with an entry door at one end of the room and the only entrance into the room at the other end.  A sectional would block either the doorway or the entrance point so a sofa would be a good option as seen below.  No one will be tripping over furniture to get through the room.

Sectional Wins When...

Here is another long narrow room that has a different issue; the fireplace and television are on two different walls.  The sectional allows seating to see both and keeps a nice wide entrance point in and out of the room.  The use of two sofas would have narrowed the entrance point making it difficult to walk through the room.

The Cousins

Sectional Wins When...

This room is super big and the sectional floating in the center grounds the space creating a cozier seating arrangement.  I use sectionals often in large great rooms.  They bring the space down to size so you don't feel like the person across from you is so far away.

Margaret Donaldson Interiors

Sofa Wins When...

Separate sofas and chairs for really well for multiple seating for guests when you entertain (friends don't typically like to snuggle up to person to their left or right; it can be uncomfortable).  It also allows you to change up the arrangement of the furniture.  And its great for allowing conversation and traffic flow.  

I hope this is helpful to you.  Best of luck with your own furniture project!
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