Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Try Square Back Cushions For Kitchen Built In Benches

Its Hip To Be Square


I had to share this recent project with you because you may have a similar issue.  My client has an adorable built in bench under a long window in her kitchen.  She has custom plantation wood shutters that complete the look!  Problem is, when you sit back on the bench you tend to hit the shutters and they break.  She has three adorable kids and its frustrating.  

This is not a simple cutesy nook but a functioning place to sit at for all meals in the kitchen.  We needed a solution that worked!

After much evaluation we decided to use square back and side cushions.  We measured carefully.  We also left room for adding side arm rests because of course the shutters wrap around the sides as well! 




Now it works like a sofa!  Three bottom cushions and three back cushions, and two arm rests!  They stacked neatly right under the shutter allowing your back to relax against the cushion and not the shutter itself.  The square look also allows you to comfortably place your elbow on it!  

*In case you are wondering, we used vinyl in a faux ostrich pattern in popin' lime green color.  Vinyl works great in seating for the kitchen; easy to wipe up spills!


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