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The Perfect Hostess Gift For Those Holiday Parties

This is the biggest season of the year to host and be invited to parties. So much fun to be had!

If you have been invited to a holiday party, whether small and casual or big and grand, you should bring a thoughtful thank you gift.  Choose something that is functional and memorable.  The hostess is sure to love it and you will definitely get an invite next year!


Important 'DOs' when picking out a hostess gift:

Include a kind note.  
Never give a gift without letting the hostess know who it is from.  Add a good one liner like "thank you for inviting me to such a lovely party" or other sweet thank you words.  Chances are your gift will not be opened until after the party and you want to make sure the hostess knows the gift is from you..... even if its a bottle of wine!

Put time into packaging your gift. 
Be thoughtful in how you present your gift to the hostess.   Show how much you care by making an effort.  If buying store bought cookies, take them out of the store packaging and repackage them on lovely platter.  Even a bottle of wine can be presented with a nice velvet bow!  


Important 'DON'Ts' when picking out a hostess gift:

Don't ask your hostess to open your gift at the party.  This is a good rule of thumb to follow especially if it is a large get together.  The hostess will need to spend time circulating the party and will truly enjoy your gift when she/he has time after.

Don't bring cut flowers.  Your hostess may have put a lot of work into the style of the decor and your flowers may not go with that.  ALSO if your bouquet needs a vase, the hostess will have to hunt for one during the party.

Don't bring food that you expect to be displayed and eaten at the party unless asked by the hostess.  The menu may be set and carefully curated.  But food the hostess can enjoy after the party is a treat!

Don't insist that your wine, if you brought it as a hostess gift, to be opened during the party.  I address this in more detail below under 'Wine Gift'.  She/he may have chosen a wine that works with the flavors of the food being served.  Instead choose a wine you know the hostess enjoys so it can be opened at a later date. 


Try Making These Hostess Gift Baskets That Were Seen On TV Today

*Please note that any of the looks or ingredients below can be changed out according to your budget, accessibility, and preference. Its the thought that counts the most!

Wine Gift.  "Dress it up!"

A bottle of wine is probably the most popular gift to bring to a party.  If you can find out the hostess favorite kind, that is best.  Do not get emotionally attached to the wine you bring.  It may not be opened at the party.  By purchasing a bottle the host likes, you are sure to make them happy when they do pop that cork!

Present your wine to the hostess in a gift bag,  or even just a big bow.  The host will appreciate the gesture.  Add a wine stopper as shown above.  Monogrammed pieces are always nice to give as gifts.  

And make sure you add a gift tag so they know who it is from.  

Ingredients to the hostess gift shown above:
Pier 1 Faux Fur Wine Bag (link)
Pier 1 Monogram Initial Bottle Stoppers (link)
*Make the gift tag out of gold glitter paper from craft store

Breakfast Basket.  

"So thoughtful"

How thoughtful of you to think about the morning meal for the hostess after the party! He and/or she will truly enjoy some simple edibles that you so cleverly gave them.  Simply buy a basket, add two cloth napkins and fill the basket with a few morning goodies!

Ingredients to the hostess gift shown above:
Pier 1 Farmhouse White Wire Basket (link)
Target Pie Server (link)
Target cloth napkins (link)
Box of tea (grocery store)
Assortment of jellies (grocery store)
Honey Spoons (grocery store)
Lemon (grocery store)
Babka (grocery store)

Basket For A ‘Foodie’.  

If the hostess enjoys cooking, give a gift they will truly enjoy.  Fill a colander with a fun dish towel and load it up with vinegars, cooking oils and spices!  Also include a cooking utensil you like.  In the note to the hostess you can write 'I know you love to cook so please enjoy some fresh necessities, as well as this kitchen utensil I find very handy!'  Most of the ingredients for this basket are from the grocery store!  And the colander and dish towel was very affordable!  They will think of you each time they use it. 

I was inspired to create this basket by my good friend Melinda who recently gifted me a rosemary herb plant.  The tag said it represented our friendship.  I thought 'what a fantastic gift!'  It smells so good and I have been adding fresh rosemary to meals for the last week!  

Ingredients to the hostess gift shown above:
Target Colander (link)
Target Radish Kitchen Dish towel (link)
Target Herb Sheers (link)
Vinegar, kosher salt, mint leaf plant (grocery store)

Game Night Basket. 

If you are headed to someones home for an overnight or weekend trip try bringing a game (dice or cards are easy to pack and travel any where).  I love this basket because you can get so creative.  Also because if there are kids they can drop the electronics and get back to some old fashioned fun!

Ingredients to the hostess gift shown above:
Crate&Barrel Popcorn Bowl (link)
Target Uno, playing cards, Mad Libs
Target Store disposable popcorn holders

Popcorn packs (grocery store)

How to make the sign: Cut thick white paper and write on it.  Tape the back to two red and white paper straws (flatten the end of one of the straws to push it into the other so it is longer.

Mixologist Mini Bar Basket.  

A few key items like sample liquors, glass coasters (from Pier 1) and a gold tone cocktail shaker make a fun gift for the hostess who likes to be a mixologist!

Edible gift to be eaten at the party.  

If the host knows you are contributing something edible like baked goods, cheese and hors d'oeuvres that can be served at the party, include a serving tray like a cutting board or platter; also a cheese knife or cake cutter if appropriate.   This will be helpful for your host to display your food right away without hunting for utensils and something to display it on.  Also the hostess will be able to use your serving dish or tray at future get togethers!  

Ingredients to the host gift shown above:
Pier 1 Marble Cheese Board (link)
Pier 1 White Marble Cheese Knife Set (link)

GREAT IDEA: Look for hand made recycled pieces to use as hostess gifts.  It shows you are good to the planet and it will make him or her smile :)

These one of a kind platters are recycled from wine bottles by a local artisan Just beautiful!  Here is the info:
Glass Art by Joe Stained Glass Studio LLC

Check out the facebook page for more info. 

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