Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Quick Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Home For Fall

Decorating your home for the Fall season does not have to take up a lot of time, money or energy.  And once you do it, the decorations can last thru December!  

Use these quick tricks for last minute entertaining, or if you, like me, are a hardworking person who can't seem to find time to add Fall decorating to your list :)


Grocery shop for food and fall decor at the same time.

You can find bags of gourds and pumpkins at super markets.  Grab a bunch before checking out of the store.  See the centerpiece ideas below of how you can display them using items you already own!

THREE ways to display fall decor using items you have!
Create centerpieces using kitchen ware.

Platters, cake plates, mixing bowls, trays, and wood cutting boards, make great containment holders for your fall decor.  Vintage, natural tones, vibrant colors, or glassware can give that Fall presentation to table tops and shelves.  See sample looks above!

Use good ol' mother nature for fall decorating.

Bring in fallen branches, leaves, pine cones, acorns and even, pieces of trees you had removed.  Make sure you brush off any dirt or outdoor critters first.  You can make center pieces with them.  The real stuff gives the most authentic look for fall decorating!  Place them in vases or lanterns.  See the tablescape below and how I used part of a tree I had cut down!

Buy some fake pumpkins and gourds and re-use them year after year.  

I have a number of faux pumpkins I use along with my real pumpkins.  No one is the wiser and not only do I save money doing this, but I can spray paint my 'fakies' any color I want each year.  See how I used them above!
Buy fake pumpkins and spray paint them (I like the chalky finish) to get a pop of color in your Fall decorating!

Create fall artwork on your walls.

Switch out a framed photo with a fallen leaf (or group of leaves) from your backyard.  Simply tape it to a white heavy stock piece of paper and place back in the frame.

Also a large basket, throw blanket and burlap looking pillow (love velvets, faux fur and cotton) add to the cozy feel!

Quick Fall look for small console table.

Give your foyer table or any hallway table top into an instant cozy fall feel! Stack worn books and place a group of pumpkins on top.  Books are great props to create height!

Bookcase Decorating.

Add fall decor like pumpkins, corn and gourds, AS WELL AS wood signs.  You can pick up cute worded signs at craft stores, or make your own!

close up

 Tablescape In A Pinch!

A group of pumpkins and gourds in various sizes make a wonderful tablescape when placed down the center of the table.  Roll out a burlap runner to add a natural touch (pick one up from any craft store).  Use battery operated candles so no need to worry about a dangerous flame! 

For the center piece, I added a part of a tree we had removed this summer (the pieces are still on the side of my house).  A battery operated candle sits on top of it.  Lastly a few branches laid down the length of the table gives a vintage naturalistic look.  Change up what I used with whatever you find outdoors.  Thats the fun of a fall tablescape. Anything natural gives a warm cozy feel!

Have fun with Fall decorating! 

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