Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Refresh Your Front Entryway

I recently refreshed my front entryway and I finally feel that happy curb appeal everyone talks about.  

Now it has my personality, its clean, and has enough room for all my seasonal decor and flowers I will add (what color do I use?)!

Are YOU ready to refresh YOUR outdoor front entryway?  It might be the perfect time!  Your front door is seen from the street every single day, and its the first thing that friends and family walk up to when they visit.  Keep it stylish and clean to be most welcoming!  

So where do you begin and what do you concentrate on?  Outdoor plants come and go, but the manufactured items you invest in for your front entry way are here to stay so get them in good shape!  These items include:
  • Front door
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Door mat
  • Planters
  • House numbers  

When you have the items listed above in good shape you can have fun adding seasonal and holiday accents!  And plenty of plants and flowers!

Lets Break Down What I Changed and Why:

Don't forget to paint the trim around the door!  It made a huge difference for mine.

More Ideas To Refresh Your Front Door Entry 




Red painted doors should NOT be pigeon holed into one style category.  As seen by this photo, it can be used in more modern and rustic looks; not just traditional!  Love it!


Choose from bright teals to beautiful shades of indigo!


Grays are popular, not just inside the house, but on the exterior!

Home Talk has a list of grays that are popular for exterior paints from Benjamin Moore (see below).  I have used the Kendall Charcoal and love it although it is a little lighter than you would expect.  ALWAYS SAMPLE YOUR PAINT IN AN AREA WHERE YOU WANT IT BEFORE PUTTING ALL THE WORK INTO IT IN CASE THE COLOR IS NOT WHAT YOU EXPECT.


Invest in new door hardware.  Make sure the finish coordinates with your outdoor lighting and house numbers/letters.   Add a door knocker with character for a unique twist that says 'I have humor' to guests that arrive.

I love Anthropologie door knockers!  They are just the cutest assortment of animals.  


Outdoor front door mats do not need to be boring.  This little detail can add great curb appeal!  I love mats that coordinate with the front door.  It shows the home owner put thought into it.  

Check out how adorable this DIY door mat looks!  Get the step by step directions to make it HERE!

This colorful rug is perfect for a covered porch, and so in tune with the coral trend!  I just stopped by my local Lehigh Valley Pottery Barn store and saw this in person....its so fresh!


Bring in a charming lantern style outdoor lighting with seeded glass.  Keep the size large in scale to illuminate the front entry. 

This light from Lowes is a great value.  It has a lot of character.


Use of planters are key to any front entry.  Regardless of your style, pots can add warmth, color, texture and bring nature right up to your front door!  

Consider mixing pots with lanterns to adorn your front entryway. Use outdoor battery operated candles and set them to turn on at sunset!  Pottery Barn has some great options even though it is late in the season (yeah PB!)

If your entry is not proportional, add a cute substantial light and multiple pots in varying heights on one side.  This will balance the empty space next to the door.  Coordinate the pot colors with the door color!

Doesn't this entry make you want to step inside!  The planters are nice and tall and the stairway is clear of clutter!


You should be able to see your house numbers/letters from the street.  They should be large and in a spot that is easy to spot.  How many times did you roll your eyes when you could not find someones house because the font of the house numbers were too small to read from your car.  

I visited Lowes today and snapped a photo of their various styles of house numbers.  As you can see, I found quite a few!

Please share any ideas and photos of your own front entryway!  

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