Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Home Office Gets Bright Makeover

My client, who works from home full time in Allentown Pennsylvania, asked us to give her an office space that functions well for a hard working accountant, AND would also be a retreat for her during off work hours.   


Our Solution: Split the room down the middle; half office and half lounge area.  

We tied the spaces together through color (her obsession with teal and pink). A soft gray on the walls allows the pops of color to shine without being overwhelming.  

We refaced the fireplace and added a built in bookcase to house her love of books.  We hung the television on the wall.  Then outfitted the lounge area with soft and bright furnishings for a happy look!


For the office area we included a very capable L shaped desk that keeps my client organized.  It hides the miscellaneous but necessary office needs. Poppin was our 'go-to' place for the bold pink and teal bins and magazine/folder holders. 

We also gave her a creative way to display her kids artwork and medals from her triathlon competitions using chicken wire frames and clothes pins.  They allow her to add and remove items on a whim!

                         MORE PHOTOS

New wall sconces, comfortable furniture, and lots of fun accents bring juicy color in, even on the dreariest of days.  What a bright lovely office with lots of storage!


We used drapes purchased from a store but they ended up a little too short.  To fix that we added length!  Heres How To Fix a Short Drape.
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