Saturday, December 5, 2015

How To Fix A Short Drape

Has this happened to you? 

I am in the middle of a client project and we are working with a tight budget.  We installed store bought drapes but they are too short.  

This became our opportunity for a DIY fix!

This project does not require sewing or anything that is costly and stressful so its right up my alley!

Materials you will need:
-Stitch Witchery
-Velcro dots

First we measured the bottom of the drape to the floor.  We are 6 inches short.  
Then at a craft store I found a fabric that coordinated with the drape; I chose a smaller pattern with the same color hue but in a lighter shade.

I cut the fabric to the same width as the drape (54 inches) PLUS 2 inches (for a total of 56 inches) because I will be finishing each side.  Also made sure it was the same length of 6 inches needed PLUS another inch (7 inches total) because I will be finishing one end.
Using the stitch witchery and an iron, I finished one long end and both sides.  Simply fold in the fabric an inch and iron down with stitch witchery. No need to have a finished end on the other long side since it won't be seen.
When done, flip the fabric so the front side is facing upward.  Add velcro dots along the unfinished edge as shown above.  
Take the other half of the velcro dots and place them along the back hem edge of the drape high enough so the added material will just about touch the floor.
Lastly, velcro them together as shown above.

Since this project is still in progress, I don't have better quality photos.  I will share them soon though!  I'm almost finished.

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