Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Black, Gold and Rustic Chic Thanksgiving DIY Table Decorating Ideas

The elegant look of black and gold, matched with the comfort of rustic materials, makes a Thanksgiving Day feast look personalized and dazzling! These are some EASY DIY and TREND WORTHY ideas to make your Thanksgiving table as special as your food and your guests.  

See below for details on how to get this look:

(you'd never guess how easy these are to make!)

HOW to create these unique napkins:

Buy fabric quaters like I did (see above photo) to create one a of a kind napkins.  
*You can find quaters, cut up fabric tied in bundles, at local craft stores.
Find yards of fabric you like and cut it up into 18" x 21" sizes.


Forget about buying expensive napkin rings; go outside and find fallen branches.  
These branches are four to six inch high.  

Just one step to this DIY: Spray the branches on both sides with spray paint.

Fold your napkin and place a golden branch on top. Tie a satin black ribbon around the branch to finish the look!  If you have selected specific seating for your guests, include a chalkboard name tag to each napkin branch.  I picked this tag up at Hobby Lobby (comes in set of 4).

Whether you are hosting a sit down dinner, or buffet style, plastic cutlery allows for easy clean up after the meal!  The gold color makes it look more expensive.  Place cutlery in mason jars for a down home touch that shines.

Masonry Jars Are Inexpensive And Have Many Uses!

Buy a roll at a craft store.

Cut pieces of the burlap the width of your tablecloth to have them under each, or every other place setting, OR make one long runner by cutting it the length of the tablecloth.

Add metallic spray paint to both ends of the runner for an ombre shine!

You can buy wood slices or have your local lumberjack cut you some pieces for your Thanksgiving table.  They are so unique and available at numerous online websites like saveoncrafts.  I ordered mine from there and they arrived less than a week after I ordered them.

Pumpkin Stands: Use various sized candle holders with flat tops and place pumpkins on them!  The different heights add interest and can be scattered down the center of your table.

Tree Branch Centerpiece: this tall decor can be placed on any table including a dessert or buffet area!  I love this one because you can personalize it by adding paper shaped tags with written messages of things you are thankful for!  Ask your guests to do one and place each on a branch.  

Get your guests to write on each tag what they are thankful for, then place it on a branch!

How to make a Tree Branch Centerpiece:

Take a vase and wrap painters tape around it, then spray it with spray paint 
(in a well ventilated area).  Takes 5 minutes to dry!

Fill vase halfway with rocks to give it weight.  Find fallen branches and place them in the vase, then add moss at the top!

From the branches, you can hang anything from sparkly feathers, paper leaves, to my favorite, written messages of thankful thoughts!

Here is a previous post about another popular DIY project DREAM TREE.  

Don't forget to include a signature drink for your guests! Makes a great personal touch and can create it ahead of time.  Have it ready for them when they arrive.  They will immediately feel special!  

Have a signature drink on hand for guests.  Place in a mason jar like this one above.  Garnish it with a lemon!

Here is a great recipe:
Gin shandy-
 Mix 1 cup lemonade
One 12-ounce bottle ginger beer
¾ cup gin

Watch Shosh talk to viewers about all the ideas above!

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