Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Toddler Bedroom Ideas That Easily Transform To Teenage Rooms

Summer is a good time to re-decorate childrens bedrooms.   Schedules are not as hectic as they are during the school year and some kids are at away camp, allowing parents to even surprise their cuties with a hot new room when they come home.  When looking to re-design your child's bedroom keep these 3 factors in mind:

Think about         1. Space         2. Look         3. Function.

Choose your kids bed carefully to get you the best space planning possible (see BEDS THAT GROW WITH YOUR KIDS).  Create a look that works with your child as he/she grows (see FOCAL WALL POWER below).  And lastly make the bedroom as functional as possible by investing in the right furniture (see FURNITURE THAT IS THE RIGHT INVESTMENT below).


Daybeds are excellent bed options for toddler rooms because they allow more space in the center of the bedroom to play.  These beds become relaxed sofa seating for friends when the child gets older.  Add a trundle to allow friends to sleep over!

Another flexible option is to buy a twin or full sized bed on a simple metal frame.  No big decorative head and foot board with it.  Without the bulky frame around it you can easily move it around their bedroom from front and center as toddlers, to pushed up against a wall lengthwise to be more of a bohemian hang out spot, or allow more casual seating in a tight space.  

Here are some examples below:

*With a little DIY you can re-use lighting and furniture by gently sanding the piece with fine grade sand paper, wipe it clean, then spray paint it in a well ventilated area.  


Applying a theme to your kids bedrooms can be so fun but as your children get older they may grow out of it and request changing it up.  If you choose to go crazy and bold on just one focal wall, and keep the other walls a soft neutral color, it will not be as laborious and expensive to make changes.  

Below are great examples:


Invest in furniture that will grow with your child.  I would avoid buying an expensive matching furniture set when your child is really young.  I have worked on my share of children bedrooms and have heard over and over again from parents 'Do you know anyone who wants this childrens furniture set?  We spent a lot of money on it but doesn't work any more.'  If you want a car bed for your son who loves automobiles, look to local second hand shops, or online sources like Craigslist or Ebay.  

The piece of furniture I would invest in is a bookcase or two!  It grows with your children.  As kids accumulate more home made objects, awards, and books, its a wonderful space saver for all that stuff!  

A great way to use your bookcase if your bedroom is small, is to place it next to your kids bed.  Narrow bookcases like the ones shown below look great with wall sconces screwed into sides.  

*notice how the daybed, as well as the bed with no decorative frame, shown above, work so well flanked by the bookcases!

Buy your furniture as your child grows and needs it.  Don't be afraid of mixing up finishes with the pieces you choose.  An eclectic blend of furnishings will keep your childs room special.

Keep the above ideas in mind and have a ball with bedding, pillows, decor and artwork!  Wall decals are great choices (writing, characters, and even wall scenes).  They can be found everywhere these days, are affordable, and easily removable.

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