Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Outdoor Patio Color Combos That Rock For 2015

Here are some fabulous color combinations for outdoor decorating summer 2015

Coral and shades of gray.  The colors look vintage and make me smile.  From pale blue gray pillows to a slate gray chevron rug, the room pulls you in without being overwhelming.  

Sea green.  Floral patterns are hot again, and the cushions look so comfy in the light sea green color.  It works wonderfully with the light tones of the wood and the rattan cubes.  The white garden stools peeking through go perfectly.  SO SERENE!!!

Red!  Its classic and bold.  This designer uses the red color to tie together furniture that uses mixed finishes.  The red lanterns are great finishing touches.  At night they must glow gorgeously!

Purple.  Light wood is on a rise in decorating.  Its soft so what better color to pair with it than purple!  A soft lavender shade works well.  

Navy blue with LOTS of pattern and color.  Mixing patterns and colors can look really great when planning is involved!  When mixing patterns remember to use small repeated pattern with large pattern, instead of large pattern with larg pattern.  That can work against you causing a fight for attention.  In the photo above the tight lattice patterned cushions allow the colorful lage patterned pillows to shine.  

Navy blue and lime green.  Deep blues are really happenin' right now so I had to show anotehr photo using this color.  When used with a very saturated color like lime it looks so yummy!

Black and white!  It can be easy and fun to do stripes when working with this color combo.  

More black and white.  Here's another example of black and white combination; very tailored look!

Shades of white.  Layger of whites and creams turn a porch into a soft cloud!

Gray and volumizing color pops.  Gray cushions with bold hues of yellows, greens and blues bring a mix of todays hottest neutral with a few vibrant accent pieces.

Turquoise and teals are also so hot!  I am hooked on them.  I did a quick ONE DAY porch makeover at my own home this past weekend.  It's kid approved!

CLICK HERE to see how I used turquoise in a one day porch makover (I list where I bought the products).

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