Tuesday, March 17, 2015

'Paint Lift' A Basket And Add Color To A Lamp Shade

I gave an old wood basket a 'Paint Lift' and am so happy that I am able to use it again!  I also added some fun color to a lamp shade and now its 'bloomin' with color'!  Check out these 2 easy DIY projects below:

my TWO quick DIY projects

Paint Lift Basket

Take one old basket, dust it off and reinvent it!  

I simply painted a lime green stripe, then when dry, used a pencil to write 'ART SUPPLIES'.  Lastly using a thin tip paint brush and white paint, painted over the pencil.

TA DA!  Old becomes new again!

Add Fun To A White Lamp Shade

I saw this lamp shade at Target that had a blue ribbon around the top and bottom.  I thought it was cute and then said 'I can do that!' 
I used a white shade, 1.5" wide ribbon I picked up at Hobby Lobby, tacky glue and a box of paper clips.
I glued half the ribbon down the front side of the shade, then folded the ribbon over to the inside of the shade and glued it down.  As I worked I placed paper clips 

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