Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Large Corkboard Ideas For Your 2015 ToDo List

Happy 2015! Did you make your list of resolutions on a million post-its and scatter them on your frig, or push pin a long piece of paper onto your corkboard full of neatly typed promises? Yes, a new year means another chance / a fresh start / a do-over (whatever term you want to use) to renew our broken promises, missed 'to-do's', and a laundry list of uncompleted projects.  

MY OWN WALL OF SHAME!  I have a wall full of them myself (don't look too much at the photo or your eyes will hurt). I don't mess around by making them look pretty either. I am sharing this embarrassing photo to push myself to steadily complete the tasks on my wall so I can rip each blue taped paper down and do a touchdown dance on top of it. 

My wall of shame!  (this wall is 8' high x 7' long)

I definitely think its time for a corkboard!  I have been looking at the ones below.  What do you think?

This one is pretty and large!!

HOME OFFICES CAN BE CHIC - PICK A CORKBOARD FRAME THAT IS ELEGANT! This Anthus Message Board from Ballard Design has a beautiful frame, so its functional AND glitzy!  It can be purchased in the extra extra large size of 53"x83".  It also comes in smaller sizes if you don't need the space (but who doesn't need space!).   

This corkboard is not as large but really custom!!

CUSTOMIZE  YOUR CORKBOARD! I came across this company called pictureframes.com that allows you to choose from A TON of custom frames for your corkboard.  Looks like the max is 3' x 4' in size.   And it is reasonably priced.  The one in the sample frame above is CUL3. You can also customize a chalkboard, dry erase and mirror!

great idea!

You can keep a corkboard like this in a FAMILY ROOM and yes, it makes sense.  
This designer Studio Thomas used 2 corkboards side by side in a very kid friendly family room. They managed to keep the space chic and organized, and still look fun!

Or am I up for a little challange, with great reward!!

Love These TWO DIY CORKBOARDS.  Both of these covered corkboards use the tutorial from livecreatingyourself. It is super easy and inexpensive.

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