Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How To Use Red When Decorating Your Home

Since Valentines Day is just a heartbeat away, I thought ‘How to use the color red in home decorating‘ would be a great topic to cover!

I often use red in home decorating projects because it draws the eye to areas I want to accentuate; It’s my ‘go to color’ because it works well with almost any other color!  It’s ‘forever in style’ and can be used all year round. It also helps neutralize cool colors like blues and greens.  It accentuates areas in a room that might otherwise be lost because it ‘pulls your eye to it’; the color becomes an anchor.  There are a lot of red shades to choose from too!   
BUT beware that you can go overboard with RED.   

WATCH THIS VIDEO from TV and see the photos and more below:

Here are some good ways to add RED:

Furniture Palette Uses A Bold Stroke Of Red

What brings this room to life? Yep, the red sofa!  This one piece pulls your eye into what is a very neutral and soft space.  Don't be afraid to bring in red through your furniture.  

Large Space Anchor

Many new construction homes have open floor plans and double story heights.  I get asked a lot of questions about how to handle decorating the spaces.  This home is the perfect example of how red can make the open spaces inviting.  Your eye focuses on it first to the bookcase back, then up at the chandelier, then below at the pillows and floral arrangement.  It pulls you in so the space feels more inviting and cozy although the walls are like twenty feet high! And the one color red unites the rooms.

Bath Accents and Towels 

Warms Up An Entry Way

In this long entryway, this red rug sets off this space, warms it up, and creates a beautiful and cheery 'hello' to all!  No need to pour in any more red! One big bold piece is enough!

Lighting Anchor

In an all white kitchen, the red pendants hanging above the long island pulls you to it.  It brings excellent lighting and a bit of 'red delicious' fun!  Its not expected and becomes the focal point.

Window Treatments Bring The RED Wow

A red rug below and red valances above actually add warmth to the table finish so it appears deeper and richer. 

Accent Furniture Power

A quick and easy way to add red is through stools.  You can find thousands of options for red furniture. online.  The color is classic and very popular.  You just need to figure out the style you want.

Use Alot of Red But Not On The Walls  

The pantone color of the year for 2015 is a redish brown hue called Marsala.  This gorgeous dining room could very well be using a similar hue!  The designer left the walls bright white, and let the red furnishing create all the drama.  If you want to replicate this color, try Benjamin Moore's 2084 20 paint.

Sofa Pillows In Red Look Great in Bulk

Don't Just add one pillow; go for multiple ones like the photo above.  Choose different prints and sizes!

Bed Pillows Create The 'IT' Factor

No need for custom bedding to get a bedroom noticed.  Red euro pillows placed on simple white or gray bedding add instant beauty.  This is red used in a glamorous setting.

Want To Paint A Little?  Accent Wall Is All You Need.

This is another bedroom that appears more casual.  The red is used on the wall, along with vintage distressed furniture.  Although the headboard has a unique whimsical shape, the pin striped red fabric keeps it soft and cozy, tying in the color sparingly.

Works Very Well With Dark Paint Colors

Red can pop any dark room really well!  And red plays well with all styles!  From hollywood glam to rustic!  For a chicer appearance use velvets, silks and tufted pieces like the ones in this photos.  Lacquered tables in red also look high end.  

My Sunday DIY project bringing in red to my guest bdrm

 CLICK HERE to see how I add RED to this small little guest bedroom last Sunday.
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