Thursday, September 11, 2014

Four Fall 2014 Home Decorating Trends

First day of Fall begins September 23!  Are you ready? I have been keeping my eye on noticable trends for fall 2014, and here are my TOP FOUR picks!  

Colorful Accent Tables

Ditch the matching bedroom set and add pop of color thru night stand!  I have been using colorful accent tables more and more for client projects.  Using colorful tables is something no one did much of before.  Now it's everywhere!  And there are so many hues to choose from from soft gray to bright red!

Artisan Looking Decor

Is it vintage?  Or just 'vintage inspired'?  We have seen a huge trend over the years with using flea market finds as home decor; and so many retail stores and online vendors have made these look alike finds available to any one thru 'knock offs'.   They look unique, some home made, and this trend is not going any where!   

Try arranging a gallery of vintage inspired finds; if you already have a gallery of photos, include some vintage pieces into it!

Navy Blue And Orange

Navy blue and orange are two hot accent colors.  Just check out the pages of pottery barn or west elm.  These tones go great together!  They can be clean and modern, or used in a nautical theme (check out the chic take on nautical that the photo above shows); these colors work in a traditional setting also!  You can bring in these two delicous colors through paint, and/or thru accents like pillows, trays, decor, artwork, upholstered furniture like the cute ottomans shown above!

Chunky Knits

Hello chunky!  When you see what's coming down the catwalk at fashion shows, you know it will be showing up in home decor trends.  And that includes chunky knits this fall!  Pillows and throw blankets of chunky knits are a trend that is hot for fall.  So try a knit pillow and get ready to cuddle up during the colder weather.

Hope this is inspiring for fall!  Its very fun!
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