Tuesday, August 19, 2014

4 Gray Paint Colors That Work Any Where

Many times we tend to go beige in our bathrooms if we have beige in our tiles.  Try Revere Pewter instead!

Why has gray paint been on the rise for the last few years?  Trending or not, this color, done in the right tone, can make a room look chic, soft, and shine in a way, that only gray can do!  I have been asked by almost half my clientele over this past year to change their boring beige to a gray.  Let me tell you which grays I have used the most and why:


Revere Pewter is one of the most popular 'Greige' colors used.  If you haven't heard the word 'greige', it is the not so new gray beige interior decorating term.  Greige is the new beige!  If you are fearful of going to gray, than this is the color for you because it has lots of creamy beige mixed in.   

This color plays well with others!  Just look at the bathroom pic and the living room pic above.  It picks up on the beige tones nicely.   In the living room pic you can see how well the paint color blends the deep gray upholstery with the soft browns of the cream pieces, the sisal rug and dark wood furniture and beams.  


Ozark Shadows is more gray and deeper than Revere Pewter yet still has a little beige in it.  I have used this color probably the most.  I have done entire open floor plan homes in this color.  And I painted a lobby in a chic loft apartment building in Ozark Shadows.  It fits the bill for a light yet warm feel!

This entire home was beige.  Nothing popped and it looked ho-hum.  So we repainted it all in Ozark Shadows and it turned into a brighter contemporary space!  

I was asked to turn this master bedroom into a glamorous space.  They had tried to paint the room gray but used a gray that only made it darker and dull.  You have to be careful with what gray shade to use!  You want one that has a reflective quality if it is going on all the walls.  We used Ozark Shadows and added this beautiful wallpaper, and silver accent!


Grays Harbor is a wonderful color to use for painting furniture, like kitchen cabinets, a kitchen island, a bathroom vanity, or a front door!  It is deep with a nice hint of gray blue!

This kitchen renovation is not only smart but adorable with the use of Grays Harbor on the lower cabinets!  They kept the upper cabinets bright and clean, then made a conscous statement on the lower ones!  This color works well with silver or oil bronze hardware!


I could not miss sharing my fave color to use as part of a wall treatment like stripes or chevron, or stencil!  Uncertain Gray works well for both genders because it doesn't show a hint of blue or green.  It stays pretty true to a kind of cement gray.  

This pattern using the Uncertain Gray is simple and clean lined!  It allows you to add whatever accent color you want like this turquise, then change the accent color in the room without messing with the wall!

I used Uncertain Gray in this teenagers bedroom.  I wanted to trick the eye from seeing the slanted wall so I added stripes.  The Chartreuse adds a fun bright accent to the gray stripes!

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