Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Recover An Old Photo Frame In One Hour

How many picture frames do you own 

that are the right size but not the right look?

Don't throw them away before reading this DIY idea!!

I have several.  This past weekend I hit the craft store and purchased a spool of 100% jute fringe and recovered one.

I loved how it turned out and could not wait to share it with you!

TA DA..........

Here's How To Do This Project

For this project you will need the following:
- a frame
- fringe (buy at your local craft or fabric store)
- heavy duty scissors
- hot glue gun

 STEP 1 - Cut the corner of your fringe on an angle like shown.

STEP 2 - Measure the length of fringe you need to the other corner and cut it on an angle the opposite way.

STEP 3 - Hot glue the inner side of the fringe....
....and press it to the frame.

STEP 4 - When you have finished hot gluing the fringe all around the frame the corners will look like this.  Let's clean them up!

STEP 5 - Cut a half inches of fringe like shown.  Then cut THREE more.

Each will look like this.

STEP 6 - hot glue one to each corner of your frame (to hide all uneven corners).

Your frame will look like this:

Any fringe will work so get creative!  I love how it looks with a mat (this is a photo of my parents, two young love birds)

Hung on a wall with frames of other finishes creates a unique and lovely statement.

Try it in your own home!

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