Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Clever Decorating Ideas For Thanksgiving Table

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year and looking for table top ideas?  Here are my 'easy as apple pie' decorating tips that will bring color, shine and best of all, not cost a turkey to implement (ha ha!)...... 

This table top decor is crafted of natural materials, has a little shimmer, 
and leaves enough room for all the food!!

 Thanksgiving is the one holiday we dress up for food so lets give our table a look that is  glam 'home made' style.  Glam 'home made' style' means  keeping things easy looking but put together well.  Save the bling for the winter holidays, and instead, bring in more natural materials.

Put Your Money Into The Following:

1. Fabric tablecloth.  You can wash it at the end of the day and use it each year.  Consider your color scheme.  Choose a color that you will be able to work with each year.  Brown is a good neutral if you are unsure.  I have a golden tan that has a bit of sparkle on my table.

2. Charger Plates.  These are not expensive and can make a huge difference on your table.  It can turn even a plastic plate into something special! And like the tablecloth, you can use them over and over again!  I like the choices that overstock.com has.  

3. Cloth Napkins.  This is the last of the three investment worthy pieces for your table.  Real fabric napkins placed at each guest's setting gives a chic finishing touch.  It is the old fashioned factor that has been used at eating gathering for hundreds of years in the most high end establishments.  

2013 Inspired By Natural Materials

-Jute Twine Is Your Best Friend!  As you can see from the DIY projects below I have been having a love affair with twine.  Pick it up at craft stores or hardware stores and have it on hand.
-Go for color that you have not used before (I have done reds, oranges, greens, but not blue so I used it this year on my table)
-Paper is a reusable, recyclable material so use it!  I love these paper lanterns DIY projects!


Burlap Ribbon Table Runner

This table runner is as simple as it gets!  All you need is burlap ribbon!  You can pick this up at any craft store.  I found a 6" wide blue ribbon and a 12" wide tan color at Hobby Lobby for my table.

STEP ONE - After your table cloth is on, roll the wider burlap runner out like this photo below and using a pair of scissors, cut it to the size of table cloth length.

STEP TWO - roll the smaller runner out like photo below and cut to same length as the wider one.

 Add your plate chargers.

And build the rest from there...like this.

Paper Bag Candle Lantern

I love this DIY project because you may not even need to leave the house to make it!  They are unexpected! Watch your guests stare at them while eating.  

For this project you will need a paper bag (get wild and try one with a bold color or funky pattern!), a battery operated candle, and a razor blade.

*this is not a project to do with a child 

Lay your bag down flat and using a pencil, create stars in any pattern you choose like above. 

Carefully use the blade over your pencil marks.  Be mindful not to run the blade through both sides of the bag.  

Add the battery candle.

Check out how beautiful I look when the lights are low!!
*Remember not to use real candles with this paper lantern!

TIP: You can cut off the handles and add ribbon with a hot glue gun like I did above!

Construction Paper Lantern
This is a fun project to do with the kids!  And you might already have all the ingredients needed to whip up some fun lighting for your thanksgiving day table! 

For this project you will need construction paper, scissors, a hole puncher, double sided tape and a battery operated candle.  

You can pick up the candle at the Dollar Store or any craft store.

STEP ONE- Fold your paper in half the long way and cut along the folded line so you will end  up with two equal pieces (you can make two candle holders!).

TIP: You can use fun craft scissors along the edge to create a unique upper edge.

STEP TWO- punch holes all over the paper like above.

STEP THREE- place double sided tape along one of the short edges, fold that side into a cylinder and press the tape into place like above.  Now you have a beautiful round paper lantern (or 2 if you used the other half of the construction paper!)

TIP: You can add ribbon around it and keep it in place with hot glue.

STEP FOUR- Add a battery operated candle and enjoy!

Napkin Rings & Place Cards

Create place cards that are so adorable!!

FIRST make the napkin holder:

Napkin Ring

For this project you will need a scissor, a fabric napkin, a  burlap ribbon (mine has satin on the edges), and a hot glue gun.

STEP ONE - roll your napkin up like above photo (don't roll too tight) and cut a piece of ribbon that is an inch longer than the rolled up width.

STEP TWO - hot glue the ribbon around the napkin (don't get hot glue on the napkin)

DONE!! (your guests will be able to roll the ring right off the napkin)

ADD Place Cards.....

Tag Place Cards

So simple!  You will need:
twine and a pair of acorn (can use faux acorns or any other creative natural elements like a pine comb!)

STEP ONE- cut eight inches of twine and knot it at the center.

STEP TWO - Attach a gift tag to it by knotting it to the !  
*You can use ready made gift tags or make your own!

Write a guest's name on each tag and place at the table place setting you choose on top of the napkin ring you just made!


Peacock feathers are a consistent trend.  Maybe its the exotic shapes or the bold colors; whatever the reason, I chose to incorporate it into my Thanksgiving table design this year.  I used faux peacock feathers for my centerpiece.

For my table centerpieces I purchased two mason jars at the Dollar Store, and some faux plants and several glittery faux peacock feathers from a craft store.  I also bought some pine combs and acorn nuts (you can find them in your local natural outdoor surroundings as well).

Simply unscrew the tops of the jars, fill them with the pine and nuts, and place the faux plants in them.

When finished, take some twine and wrap it around the mason jar.  That's it!

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